Signed - 2021 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 4xe - 36/12 - $13,001 One Pay

It is huge. I got lazy and traded mine for a hard top. Still have the “empty box” I need to break down.

Yeah, I have to figure out a place where I can keep the hardtop in the garage as well…oooooof.

Although, something tells me that 36 months and 36,000 miles from now, I still may have a soft top sitting in all the original packaging :relaxed:

Well, here is my story; I ever so slightly damaged my hard top the first day I took it off. Someone locally wanted to trade a like new hard top for a soft top. I traded the new soft top for that hard top and put that back on the Jeep. Today, I sold the damaged hard top for $1,100. So I am up $100 on cost, but incurred a lot of hassle for my mistake. Live and learn.

Hey, could you please let me know what dealer this was? I appreciate it!

I’m also in IL, don’t waste a second of your time with local dealers. You can order through Gupton in TN by reading post #1 here, or you can use a broker like @Clutch.

Read above.

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Nails and screws don’t discriminate based on age of tire last I checked.

$300 for that kind of coverage is WELL worth it.

I’m sure most people pay $10-15/month for phone insurance. What’s $8/month when you’re getting a great deal on a vehicle as is?

Also, when a dealer is doing something like this for you, its the right move to buy a little something in finance to help them out.

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Can you share any info on shipping? Such as who you used and the cost? I’m in Florida also and my Jeep should be arriving to the dealership in TN any day now.

I second this, who did you use for shipping?

Depends. I’ve had leases where nothing happened. I’ve had others where I had 3 or 4 flats, once I had two flats in a 24 hour period.

Especially on a Wrangler if you have any intention of doing anything close to what these are capable of. $300 is probably what one of the Falkens on the Rubicons cost. Just takes one sharp rock, one poor line on a trail and you’re spending that regardless. You might want to tell them that it happened in the mall parking lot though.

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Tip: pay phone bill with credit card that has cell phone protection for free insurance, i use wells fargo propel amex, $25 deductible, 2 claims/yr, $600 max payout per claim


I have no idea why…but seeing this logo while driving is exciting for some reason…

Sometimes I even (audibly) make the “eeeeewwww ewwwwww, ahhhhhh ahhhhh” Gorilla noises while driving and looking at it. :rofl:


Please see a therapist if this condition lasts more than 72 hours …

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Seriously though, let us know how that works. I go through a windshield every 18 months or so. Usually it’s some crack that gets too big and couldn’t be repaired, but by that point my windshield is usually fully sandblasted to the point where the late afternoon glare just lights up the million pits spread across the whole thing. Wondering in particular if the Gorilla Glass might prevent that. I haven’t seemed to have had this issue with any other vehicles - just my Wranglers.

So far so good…a rock has hit the windshield already and no damage. Thats a sample size of one, but for 95 bucks (now $195) this seems worth it. The wildcard is still whether or not adding GG to the build adds lead time or time. At this point, I suspect not.

As an update re: Bonus Drive…

I DID get the $250 check last month. This was for an application made BEFORE the 8/1 cutoff, but a signing AFTER 8/1. I guess since the car had a VIN prior to 8/1, the BonusDrive was honored.

I also got a check back for $481 for registration overpayment. This was expected as I was transferring a plate (and in FL that is inexpensive). So, I think my effective single pay was $12,270 on the 36/12 including the tire and wheel coverage.


This update is timely. Was driving into the sun yesterday and couldn’t see anything because of the sandblasted windshield. Time for a replacement and I think I’m going to try the GG this time. Thanks!

The wildcard is still whether or not adding GG to the build adds lead time or time. At this point, I suspect not.

Don’t think so. My order with GG only took about 3 weeks to get to the shipping stage.

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any jeeps on the lot out there for lease