Question about lease payments on a Wrangler deal

Hi everyone,

I’m in Texas and what I’m about to say has happened twice after about 6-7 lease payment inquiries. I’m just going to give the latest example. Please let me know if I’m doing something wrong.

These are the numbers that I received from the dealer and their accountant:
Located in TX. Tax rate: 6.25%
2021 Jeep JL Sport Altitude
48 month lease - 12k miles per year
Selling price: 48,350 (0% discount)
RV - 61%
MF - .00200
Asked to include acquisition fee, dealer fees, and government fees upfront and not in the lease. No cash down though.
Dealer monthly payment including tax = $685
Leasehackr monthly payment including tax = $583

After I asked to see their worksheet, they refused by saying that lease deals are done in a very complicated software :slight_smile:

This is enough to stop right there.

With that said, is your question if the numbers add up right? Have you plugged everything into the calculator?

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Yes, sorry I should have been more clear about my question. I was wondering if I’m calculating everything correctly or not since I’ve used leasehackr and another software to calculate and neither give the value that this dealer and another dealer are giving. I should emphasize that this has happened twice out of 6-7 dealers. The other dealer was giving a value almost 200$ off of what I calculate after plugging in the numbers and going through the values they plug in and this one is off by almost 100$. Please let me know if I’m missing something.

What is a good discount on Wrangler X or Willys?

@leasecompanion is doing a group buy on orders at 9.5% off on gas wranglers if you order by tomorrow if memory serves.

In stock is a bit of a different story.

As for your calculator not matching, can you post your calculator?

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You have taxes set incorrectly. In Texas, you get to pay taxes on the entire vehicle price, which is where a lot of extras money is going. Make sure you select the right options lower down.

Thanks for picking on that. But doesn’t that reduce the monthly payment from 585 and not increase it by 100?

BTW thank you for lease companion. I will reach out to them.

It definitely increases it.

Exactly how much money are they asking das?

Also, if you’re leasing a wrangler, look long at hard at the 4xe.


What was the DAS the dealer stated?

Maybe they are mistaking $0 down with $0 due at signing?

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Also, at .002, they’re significantly marking up the mf off of what I’m seeing from edmunds

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I think you might be right and there’s been a communication error. I asked specifically for no down payment and probably it was mistaken with 0 due at signing. I am admittedly new to this, but I wish they would have just worked with me by showing the worksheet and this would have been resolved.

At 0% discount and a huge mf mark up, you don’t want to work with them anyway

do you know of a good deal for 4xe? Where should I start?

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