Jeep Wrangler 4xe Texas

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If you’re in TX, so grab one from Mark Dodge Jeep in Lake Charles, LA. Similar deal as Gupton and their doc fee is half of what Gupton’s is ($250)

Who is the contact at Mark Dodge? I emailed Gupton but in case I don’t hear back, I’ll reach out to them. Thanks.

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Ah, the good 'ol “we’re going to get you pregnant by promising the world” trick

I am in Texas as well and looking to lease a Jeep Wrangler 4xe. I am not sure what the Gupton deal is…). Would you be kind enough to let me know what the lease deal is (preferably a calculator).

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Curious if anyone has found a TX dealer for tax credits, worth $3k+. Guessing no luck based on the low responses!

Just keep in mind if you buy from out-of-state dealer, you will not be eligible for the potential $2,500 LDPLIP rebate in next FY.

Can you elaborate? I am going with an in state deAler.

@Patdoughe Were you able to replicate the deal with texas dealer?

If so could you share dealer details

No, no and no!!!

1.0% for captive
1.25% for USBank
1.5% for Ally

Fine, 1.25% +/- .25%

Point was its not 0

0% would have had meant tax deduction. TX ain’t going to do that. You and I both know.

Fixed that for you :wink:

Thank you(?!)

A lot of people see TX tax credits and think it wipes it out entirely. Point was that it reduces it, but doesn’t go to 0.

Correct. I explained it in my forum. But they never read it and I just get so annoyed.

Par for the course sadly.

I know it doesn’t go to zero. But it save about 5% + 5% off msrp and better MF = better deal than Mark Dodge or Gupton

Hey @Patdoughe , did you end up getting it?
What’s the best deal for Texans?