How do I find lease program data (RV/MF) and incentives?

Unfortunately, there’s no single resource where you can find all lease program data for free. Dealers pay tens of thousands in license fees each year for desking software to access OEM rates and incentives, including residuals (RV), money factors (MF), and rebates. These companies would not be pleased if their databases were released to the web for free.

Nonetheless, there are way to piece together the applicable RV, MF, and incentives for a particular car – and they are listed below.

Note the following avenues are not foolproof and may change at any time. They might not work for every brand, and it might be a good idea to cross-reference resources to see if you’re missing any incentives. Incentives may vary based on location. Use your best judgment in deciphering programs and read the fine print.

Know of other resources? Feel free to add them to this thread.

Edmunds Forums

  1. Google “Edmunds [make] [model] lease residual”.
  2. Click on the Edmunds Forum search result. Example: 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Lease Deals and Prices.
  3. Browse through the posts to find the data you are looking for.
  4. If you don’t see the data you are looking for, create an Edmunds account and post your question on that thread. A moderator will look up the data and share it with you.

Note that programs change monthly, so anything posted from previous months is not applicable. Incentives may vary depending on the region; data from California might not be applicable to, say, the Midwest. Edmunds Forums only shares programs from captive lenders (i.e., manufacturers) and does not have data for non-captives (Ally, US Bank, credit unions, etc.) or independent distributors (e.g., Southeast Toyota Finance, Gulf States Toyota Finance).

Edmunds Deals

  1. Go to[MAKE]-[MODEL]-lease-deals (Edit the make and model of the vehicle accordingly. Example:
  2. Click on “Show Me The Edmunds Deal” on the car you’re interested in.
  3. Click on “View Payment Details”
  4. Applicable incentives, RV, and MF are shown.

This only works for dealers that have partnered up with Edmunds. Sometimes it will show non-subvented programs, which are not competitive.


Autobytel generally will not show RV/MF info, but it does show incentives. Note certain incentives apply only to purchases, not leases, and vice versa.


Gold. I suggest you send this to everyone that signs up for an account as part of their “welcome” package. This will cut down on many “where do I find posts”.


I get holed up because I can’t investigate other MF/RV’s from multiple banks at the same time. While Edmunds will give the manufacturer’s rates, I can’t compare it against other banks; ie Ally vs US Bank.

I’m essentially forced to interact with the dealer who like to play coy on those details or who may push one bank over another regardless of most favorable rates.

I’d love to bank shop beforehand and figure out my best option before even speaking to the dealer. Much like when I finance a car; I rate shop several institutions before starting any dealer negotiation.

I’ve never come across it, but is there any way to contact several banks and rate shop leases independently? Or do they only give that info directly to dealers?

It really depends on the make, you find a lot of that on info here. Certain brokers can have access too. Hacking ain’t easy!

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True; there is a great amount of info on here. I read a ton of it out of curiosity. There are obviously certain brands/models that get a little more action on here. However, when you’re looking at something specific, it gets a little tougher to get any bank data to compare.

I can go to most bank websites and find out their auto loan rates in a couple mins.

I find that if you keep up with this site, you’ll know what cars lease well and don’t have to bother with researching cars that don’t. The only reason I got a Bolt/Tacoma in Jan/Feb and ditched my BMW was this site.

I’m always left wondering if there are some cars I’m missing because this approach, but it’s pretty way to come up with a list of options.

Browsing manufacturer ads and dealer ads will usually yield some info too

I think Ally releases the residuals for free though

Oh they do, for now…


Oh, you guys are good.

One other important thing is how to research what price dealers are willing to offer pre-incentive. That’s been getting a little tricky for some makes, because their “purchase discounts” don’t apply to leases. What do you guys advise?

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@joeblogs thanks for the info. I tried registering but it’s pending dealership admin. Did I do something wrong? Thanks!

Yeah you don’t do that, just access the site through that tabs tool. It’s a dealer only site that has a lot of info that’s not locked down.

Thank you! Figured it out now. Appreciate the help!

Just tried accessing the Ally site. Not able to go anywhere with it. Did Ally lock it up? Thanx

Never mind, I figured it out.

Usually they have a different tab for leases where they show the lease offers/incentives. If you still don’t see them you best bet will be to ask on Edmunds.

I remember noticing that Ally often had the same MF across different vehicles and brands. It’s not published but it’s probably a safe assumption that you can quickly verify any month by checking 2 different Ally deals posted on here.

Oh it’s posted, in fact Ally is one of the easiest to find. top right corner