BMW 330i 2020 model lease


MF is a given value from the bank. In the case of BMW right now, buy rate from the bank is .00099 currently. You don’t use the purchase APR and then try to convert.

I see
so if the dealer or broker is using the MF of --> 0.00139
it means they are using that to make money / profit for themselves?
How can I ask them to use the bank rate of 0.00099 ?

This will explain MF markup.

And if they (dealer or broker) says where did you find out that the buy rate is 0.00099?
Is there a place or portal that lists that which we can use for reference?

It means that there is money being made on the financing. If it is made up for by a larger than normal discount then it’s no big deal. Some dealers prefer to show higher cash flow on financing vs on gross price. You just need to be aware for proper evaluating of the deal.

Read this to find mf, rv and incentives.

By asking them to use the base MF of 0.00099. And don’t forget to say please


Doesn’t look like your broker is worth his fee.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi LeaserOC
Could you please point out what you think is wrong here / something I should point out to the broker and have him reconsider / fix that?

Besides the fact that’s it’s 600 a month for a 3 series? Weak discount and marked up MF.

This is with M Sports package with convenience package and there are not many 330i in the current inventory and I think its appx 11% discount on the MSRP. Based on the market these days esp FL market, what kind of discount on MSRP should I negotiate for besides of course requesting politely to use the non inflated MF :slight_smile:

Which is very low for a loaner 330i. You should be able to get a new one for around that, which won’t get hit with the RV penalty.

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Ideally , close to 15%. Not sure if this will happen in today’s market. You might wanna wait. Is this a broker from this forum? Most broker deals are take it or leave it, not negotiable.

Also, why are you not doing MSDs?

Did you check the broker’s deal? What was the mf

I move most of my loaners north of 16% pre, so you want to shoot around that number as well.

Hi @ boozinix
I actually can wait but I would need a car in Nov/Dec time frame for sure but if the 2021 models are not there because of COVID / other reasons does not that mean the chances of securing a better deal than now would be remote? I am definitely going to consider MSDs as I think that could reduce the payment by 30$ - 40$ I guess

I asked him for MF and have not hear back yet
I will let you know as soon as I find out

Sorry for the confusion but this one is not a loaner and brand new one actually