2020 Acura RDX - Good deal or Not?

Have asked pricing from multiple Bay Area dealers on RDX, all of them are coming within the same monthly. What am I missing?

You should confirmed your residual from Edmunds. I filled out the calculator for you, you can change it once you have the right RV.

The average on Edmunds is 57-6%1 RV with a MF of ~.00225. Also, the other dealerships are offering the same MF as the quote above

You can post a question on edmunds to get the exact residual. But I think the problem is that there is no lease cash from Acura whatsoever. And that MF is equivalent of 5.4% apr.

Gotcha. I posted on Edmunds, waiting for reply, but will update when I can.


I saw your post on edmunds. A few observations:

  1. You didn’t ask edmunds for the incentive (aka dealer cash for Acura). The incentive on your deal is critical - you won’t get a good deal unless you understand how much money Acura is giving your dealer to reduce the price of your car. Make sure you get the incentive figure. In my region it is $3,300.
  2. You need to learn how to ask edmunds for info. You didn’t post your query in the appropriate forum (you will still get answer) nor did you specify trim, lease term or mileage allowance. This suggests you are not familiar with how to scrape edmunds for info. I suggest you read this post to familiarize yourself with how to extract the best info from edmunds:

Good luck.


Thanks 824! There are a lot of different topics and forums on both LH and Edmunds, and yes, still trying to figure out how to properly navigate!

I can help you focus on a key deal variable - locking in a good pre-incentive discount: the discount from your dealer BEFORE any incentives coming to you from Acura (not the dealer).

RDX Base FWD 36/12K Bay Area 94115
$38,825 MSRP
$33,325 Selling Price
$ 5,500 Total Discount

$ 3,300 Acura-to-Dealer Incentive
$ 2,300 Dealer Discount
5.9% Pre-Incentive Discount (2300/38825)

Your $5,500 total discount is coming from 2 places. Acura is giving an incentive to its dealers (share the amount for your region, see edmunds) and a discount is coming out of the dealer’s pocket. IF your Acura-to-dealer incentive is $3,300 (the # in my region) that means your dealer is giving you a discount of $2,300.

Take a look at some recent RDX deals on this site and see how your 5.9% pre-incentive discount compares. In your search you will find that 5.9% is light. You should be able to negotiate a bigger discount - even is this dealer-friendly market.

Appreciated! Would you suggest the best way to approach asking for a better Pre-Incentive Discount, would be just that?

No. I suggest you negotiate a total discount: $3,300 plus whatever pre-incentive discount you want to target. Keep the conversation focused on total discount - until you get a total discount you are happy with everything else is noise. There is no value in sharing your knowledge of dealer cash - because you want more.

Knowledge is leverage in any negotiation with a salesperson. You want to go into any negotiation with a clear understanding of your key deal variables: dealer cash, buy rate MF, RV, conditional incentives you qualify for, $595 acquisition fee. Plus minor fees like $85 CA doc fee, $30 CA electronic filing fee, $8.75 CA Tire Fee, DMV fees approx 1.3% of MSRP.