Good lease deal? Mazda Cx-5

019 Mazda CX-5 Touring FWD, with preferred package
MSRP: $27,749
Selling price: $27,749
12k mi/yr, 36mo
Dealer said $2500 drive-offs
Residual: waiting for dealer to reply
MF waiting for dealer to reply.!

Zero discount?

Hi ,

I got a quote from the dealer, I am new to it, bit your help will go long ahead. Thanks

You should start your own post so things don’t get confusing.

got it. Thanks.

Step 1: You request MF, RV, and incentives from Edmunds for your region. When you get a deal from the dealer you simply verify the dealer is using same figures. If MF is marked up (higher than Edmunds), you have 2 options: 1. ask the dealer to run your deal at the “buy rate” 2. Adj your counter offer to lower your price to off set dealer markeup.

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TLDR: PRE-INCENTIVE Selling Price DISCOUNT feedback is the most helpful for your Mazda negotiation

Hackrs can help you most if you illuminate TWO key pieces of information : 1. Dealer Discount coming out of the dealer’s pocket and 2. Which specific incentives are you getting from Mazda.

  1. What discount did the dealer offer you? Said another way, the dealer reached into her pocket and gave you a discount. How much? MSRP - Dealer Discount = PRE-INCENTIVE Selling Price . Do NOT include any incentives from Mazda in this figure - just reflect how much the dealer is slashing her profit. You must determine how much the dealer is kicking into your deal. Every dealer can offer you the same incentives coming from Mazda, but the better deals come from dealers that will aggressively discount while writing financially sound deals. The single most important variable you will negotiate is your Dealer Discount %.

  2. Mazda offers a direct-to-consumer lease incentive on specific models/trims. Simply lease the car and you get it - no negotiation. It is coming directly from Mazda. Every dealer passes along the same Mazda funded incentives. Sometimes a dealer will reflect it in his offer price to make it look like the dealer is giving you a bigger discount. Your job is to know IF you are entitled to some lease cash (you are). You learn about the current lease cash offer at Note: we are not talking about direct-to-consumer conditional incentives like conquest, loyalty, college grad etc.

Sometimes, dealers are not forthcoming about how they come to the total discount they offer you. You need to ASK your dealer how she is building his offer price. If you want a great deal you must break-down the dealer’s total discount into its parts and know how each component contributes to a great deal. If all you do is share your total discount here, hackrs cannot give you the specific feedback you seek.

It is beneficial if you share your information in a way that is most helpful for hackrs to review. Here is my suggestion on how best to highlight the critical pieces of information in the body of your post to get helpful and fast feedback ( generic PLUG NUMBERS used for illustration ):

$46,000 MSRP

-$ 2,300 Dealer Discount , 5.0% off MSRP

$43,700 Selling Price Pre-Incentives (this is input into your calculator)

-$ 1,500 Lease Credit : Current Program ( verified at )

-$ 1,000 Conquest: List out Conditional Incentives: Loyalty, Conquest, College, etc

-$ 500 College Grad

$40,700 Net Cap before Capitalized Fees/Add-Ons

0.00064 Buy Rate MF ( verified at Edmunds )

0.00010 MF Mark-UP in deal (TIP = 0)

Key information shared in this way is the fastest way to get insightful feedback in the heat of your negotiations - or to prepare for your pending negotiation.

Bottom line : If you are planning a conventional Mazda lease I am suggesting you focus on getting insightful feedback on the 3 most critical variables for an Mazda deal: 1. pre-incentive discount, 2. itemize your incentives, and 3. buy rate MF and any markup. Post all the information you see fit, BUT focus on the 3 variables I highlighted.


Dear @824 Thank you so so much. I can’t express in words how much it means to get such information. I will do my best to get at-least one deal and post here. Once again I am very thankful to you and your time.

Do your homework. Put in the time. Good luck.

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My suggestion is to look at the couple of brokers in the forum (auto lease hackers and another one) in the forum to serve as a benchmark. I am sure you can get the lease at least $40 cheaper per month or more.

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thank you @pecas. Will do that. It’s a marathon, I was thinking the car is just click away. Thank you for your insightful suggestions.

Yes Sir, will put some good work and get it hopefully by the end of this month.

@KKars Check out @AutoLeaseNinjas. They have July Mazda deals posted.

I DM them, infect I contacted them two weeks ago and today again. I am not sure what brokers are not replying. I will wait for his reply for few days and see. Thanks for bringing my attention.

Seems like you’re pushing a boulder uphill.

A Honda Pilot might be easier to deal

Hi Max_g,

Not sure you are a broker or just guide us to get a deal. I am 100% in if I get the same Honda Pilot deal. I will pay the broker fee to avoid hassle.

I am not a broker. Take that deal and adjust it to your local taxes.

Then tell local dealers you are willing to pay $x per month with $y DAS for stock number 12345

Thanks @max_g @824 you both are incredible resource for me. I will slowly work on all your suggestions and try to get somewhere.

Hi @824 I got these quote, do you think it’s a good deal?

the numbers are not matching in the calculator.
MSRP: 29700
selling price: 27738.7
RV: 0.56
MF: 0.00012
MSD: 0
Down pay: -185
Taxed incentives: 1220
Acusition fees: 400
dealer fee: 400
post sale rebate: 0
sales tax: 0.06625
Mo with tax: 285
DAS: 2000

Thank you so much.

So, I did little bit research, it seems there is no discount from the dealer side. The taxed incentives are total of lease cash which is 750 plus first month payment which is 285, so roughly 1000 from Mazda and only 200 discount from dealer.