BMW X3 deal check?


MSRP was 53920, he gave around 51 I think, and then I said I’m getting 10% at other dealers so he matched MSRP coming down to 48,500. Yes it is without incentives/rebates. He gave me money factor 0.00099 and Residual 55% on 12k/36mo terms with $2000 DAS (599 dealer fee, 300 registration, 925 banker fee) and gave me $2320 as taxes. He didn’t print out the details. I didn’t negotiate further so wanted an idea before proceeding

So if you are getting 10% at a few dealers try to get one to knock off another $540 or more and then pick the deal you like best. You are in the home stretch - put a beautiful X3 in your driveway soon.

You have fought the good fight. Time to close the deal.

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Your tax amount suggests you’re a MD/VA resident, no?

You mean get off $540 off on the MSRP ?
Is the residual on X3 this low? Like 55%

No, NYC.
He just gave me that number. Didn’t given breakdown of taxes

Get $540+ off your selling price.

You confirm residual information at edmunds.

Have you research MSDs? If you have liquid cash you should consider MSDs. Lots of info on here about MSDs.

This is good advice

I’m looking at the X3 around the same price at the same place + others in the NJ/NY area. Did you finalize this offer?

No I did not. I think it’s a bit expensive ! Did you get any better offers? You think we can reach somewhere around $490-520/mo mark?

X3s is short on inventory with dealers. As is the current situation with most SUVs with BMW and Benz. Given the market you accomplished a competitive % discount on a new vehicle.

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Everyone is willing to give atleast 10% off on msrp (excluding rebates), but in the end my lease payment still is very high $560-580 :sob::sob: I was hoping if I can get anything lower!

For you to ponder. If you want an X3 in the best of times your “aggressive” deal will be at 12-13% pre-incentive at the buy rate MF plus all incentives.

You are at 10% pre-incentive. And BMW buy rate MF is at 0.00099 - the lowest I have seen 11+ months (back in Aug 19 it was at 0.00145).

How far are you from the best deal ever? When do you think new car inventory will build back up to the point where dealers begin to chase volume discounts (the only way 12-13% will return)?

With no MSDs, no loyalty and no OL code, you showed up to fight Ivan Drago like Apollo Creed did. Every one knows to beat Drago, you need to work hard like Rocky. Can you work hard like Rocky?
I don’t think even in the best of times we were seeing too many sub 500s X3…


I got the 2021 x3 with the premium pkg for $600/mo 12k/yr miles. I went to westchester first (they were too high) then ended up at wide world in spring valley. They only had 2 in stock. Try Ramsey. They’re huge and usually have big inventory. Good luck! I love the car so hope u get the deal u want.

Totally agree. Inventory is so low that dealers don’t need to offer deep discounts. Have you considered getting a DEMO with few miles on it (less than 5k)? If so your would get 17%- 20% off MSRP before incentives. I just got one and the car is amazing (its my second X3 in a row and the 2020 is really nice). If you can put the 7 Multiple security deposits (BMW will return the deposit at the end of the lease) your payment will go down.

I would consider a demo/loaner vehicle. Atleast payment would be lower too! Just not finding many options at this point :sob:

Can you share you lease deal? I checked with Westchester too,l, haven’t checked dealers in NJ much

I just got one with the convenience package, driver assistant package, heating front seats and heating steering wheel. The MSRP is around $49K and my monthly payment is $455 with 7 MSDs. You can play with the leasehackr calculator to see whether it is even realistic to reach 490-520/mo.

You will need to confirm the rebates that you have. Do you have loyalty? If not, corporate fleet? If you can wait 60 days, sign up the Penfed account so that you can get $500. Sign up for the OL code event to get at least $500.

Msrp 51,045
Selling 49575
Ccr 2626
Tax 1809
Title 75
Reg 100
License 10
Sales tax 219.93
1st mo 600

I know I broke the cardinal rule of falling in love with the car. I’m sure you can do better.