2018 Porsche Macan Turbo Executive Demo w/ 20 Miles - Hackable?

My local porsche dealer is sitting on a 2018 Porsche Macan Turbo “Executive Demo” which, if the listing is accurate, appears to have 20 miles on it.

The MSRP is $96k and the listed asking price is already showing a $12.5k discount. My understanding is that Porsche will lease demos, and that the demo residuals are adjusted based on current mileage.

I’m wondering if this combination of factors has the makings of a potentially killer deal?

Anyone with more experience chime in on this? @fredyge94?

I have not approached the dealer yet and would liked to be armed with a bit more information. The lease MF/res are not available through edmunds for obvious reasons.

What do you mean already? That sounds like a very weak discount for an older, pre-refresh 2018. No wonder it’s still available.

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I’m in TN. This market is garbage.

edit: As in, that’s not a bad advertised discount in this market. There is potentially lots of room there.

Porsche has terrible money factors. The MF is even worse on Demos and used vehicles, dont see a big potential to hack this. Even when you push the price down another 10k, best case scenario, you might end up paying 3-4k drive offs with 1300-1400 per month for a 36month lease.

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The question is if lease support is still there, I would assume not. 12.5k discount for a now almost 3 year old car? What’s the lot time on cargurus? (Assuming it’s listed there)

286 days on cargurus!

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If your analysis is even close to accurate then this isn’t worth anyone else’s time commenting here. Let’s just close this up and call it a day.

Probably they did not bother updating mileage on the site.

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Does that even make sense to you for what is, at minimum, a 2 year old car?

I’ve had dealers send me lease quotes at MSRP on cars with 400+ days on the lot. It seems to be a good indicator of a dealer who has way too much attachment to their depreciating assets.


I am pretty sure Porsche CPO leases are usually much better than new units. Check Ally Banks residuals

Ally residuals publicly available somewhere that I am not aware of?

I’d kill to be able to access US Bank / Ally lease numbers for any given make/model. Particularly since this info can’t be procured from Edmunds. I thought this was broker exclusive software territory…


I think it was ally that published there $ value residuals

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Not a good idea to lease this. 2018 new car residuals are long gone. You will be leasing based on pre-owned leasing program which would mean that you are running a lease based on residual value of a 5 year old car. It will be cheaper to lease a new one.