Lease review: Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring AWD (6 seater)


Hello all, I need some input on the following lease:

2020 Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring 6 seater AWD
MSRP: 44990
selling price: 42165
Doc fee: 125
Acquisition fee: 650.00
MF: 0.0003
RV: 0.59
Taxes: 1071.76
3 years/ 10k miles

Per month payment including tax is $484 (sign and drive); I am based in MN; the car is Soul Red with Sand interior.

Please let me know what you think. I am attaching the dealsheet; I don’t know what this lady is doing with the numbers as I can’t seem to reverse engineer her numbers. Here is my take on the calculator

Is this a good deal?

Attached is a screenshot of her worksheet

Pre-Incentive Discount 6.3% (MSRP 44990 less SP 42165)

The discount your dealer is offering you is on the very low end of Mazda (all models) pre-incentive discounts I have seen on here. You can do a search and see what others are getting.

I suggest you negotiate a bigger pre-incentive discount - the key to any Mazda deal.

How many dealers have you received an offer from? How have they reacted when you asked for a bigger discount? If you are getting heavy resistance from several dealers you may be at the mercy of a dealer-friendly market - so you need to shop around and leverage one deal against another.

Covid caused a shut-down in production. Inventory on all badges is tight. Tight inventory = less discount. Make sure you know the inventory position at all your local dealers and engage those with the most favorable inventory position.

You are getting $2,120 in incentive directly from Mazda (not the dealer). Make sure you are getting it all: How much lease cash are you getting (see edmunds)? It looks like you have some conditional incentives like loyalty or conquest, what do you qualify for? Also, last month Mazda was paying your 1st months payment up to $500 - are you getting that this month?

Is your MF at the buy rate? Know the MF you should be getting - see edmunds.

Caveat: I am not familiar with MN fees and taxes so I will let the knowledgeable folks here weigh in on those aspects.

Good luck.

Smart move sharing your lease worksheet. :muscle: As you negotiate lower priced deals, keep posting your worksheet. Everything you need to know about your deal is on there.

I know the LH calculator is a little bit daunting. But there is a thorough tutorial on how to use it and WHERE you input the numbers off your worksheet.

A little tough love - your calculator skills need to improve. Based on your inputs I can tell you are unfamiliar with the calc beyond the basics. It will pay dividends if you learn to use it well. As you negotiate you can input numbers properly on the fly and gain the upper hand - he who knows to manipulate the numbers best usually wins.

Post an updated calculator and we can look at it for you. Good luck.

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Lots of good resources here .

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The best 5 words you have ever written.

I tried to say it in 3 but I just couldn’t. I am working on it.

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I can’t get a gauge on what a good pre-incentive discount should be on a Mazda CX-9 GT. I know the discount is pathetic and there is heavy dealer resistance at multiple dealers.

I would love to know how much pre incentive discounts people have gotten on a similar car.

I feel you brother. We are at the mercy of the deal data points available here as well as any other data we can scrape on the internet. Add it all up, and there isn’t a lot of Mazda deal data. My suggestion is get as many data points as you can. I am jumping on as many Mazda posts to build up the Mazda count here. Good luck.

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All, so the buy rate for MF should be 0.00005, hers is inflated 6 times of that. The RV is determined by Mazda but is lower than expected (did it go down this month as a whole?)

Secondly, they are being terribly cagey about how and what they are rolling up in that “2120” total rebates block. I am neither first responder/military nor do i qualify for loyalty or mobility (are they making it up as they go? I have given them this information as well).

This is one deal sheet that I have not been able to reverse engineer. (if any of you can decipher their numbers, I will be very grateful… how is she coming up with $484?)

In any case, dialogue is still open; I don’t care if they are making things up to give me the incentives. What I want to know is what would be a reasonable pre-incentive discount on a 2020 6 seater CX9 AWD Grand Touring?

@vx3000 If a dealer won"t be totally transparent with the numbers move on.

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Oh I agree; it does not matter though. They may be doing something weird to roll up incentives in one big block… but that doesn’t matter. They are transparent about the MF and the pre sale discount; mostly that’s what matters. If I can get a good tally on what to ask for pre-incentive, this would put me in a good bargaining positioning with them.

You need to look at past deals posted here. I don’t think you will find many CX-9 deals, so I suggest you gather as many Mazda pre-incentives you can find here.

The most important point is edmunds says it should be 59% and the dealer is running it at 59%. You will need to looks at past edmunds posts to see if RV has changed this month.

If you can’t get the dealer to go to buy rate, you simply compare this dealer’s combined pre-incentive discount + markup to another dealers offer and see what works out best.

At this point you know $720 is lease cash from Mazda to you. The other $1,400 will become more clear when you negotiate with other dealers and see what you qualify for. It is unusual for a dealer NOT to be transparent with incentives coming from Mazda.

Clearly, you are in most need of a pre-incentive discount target. Homework is your best answer, you may not get someone to jump on here with the straightforward answer you seek.

If the incentives total doesn’t make sense, what makes you think they’re being transparent with the pre-incentive discount?

What did edmunds give you for mf/rv information for July for your zip code?

So the buy rate MF should be 0.00005 and the RV should be 59%

Incentive is $720 lease cash