Acura RDX SH-AWD with technology package

Hello hackrs, please rate this deal I’m trying to sign on an Acura rdx
Msrp: 44025
Selling price before rebates: 36547 (17%)
Rebates: conquest- 1500, coll grad- 500
Mf: .00215 (sucks)
Res: 56% (36mos/12k)
Taxes/ fees: 2221.56
Monthly after tax: 402
I feel this is really high for a 44k car. Mf really killed the deal. Thoughts please. Thanks

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Need to verify the pre-incentive discount. Yeah the MF sucks because Acura throws out large amounts of dealer cash, doubt that 17% doesn’t include some sort of lease cash

The 17% is before rebates

Here is what @joeblogs is talking about.

Your $7,478 discount is coming from 2 places. Acura is giving an incentive to its dealers (find out the amount for your region, see edmunds) and a discount is coming out of the dealer’s pocket. IF your Acura-to-dealer incentive is $3,300 (the # in my region) that means your dealer is giving you a discount of $4,178.

Adjust These Numbers for YOUR Dealer Incentive in your Region

$44,025 MSRP

$ 3,300 Acura-to-dealer incentive (my assumption based on my region)

$ 4,178 Dealer Discount, 9.5% Pre-Incentive Discount

$36,547 Dealer Selling Price Offer to you

Take a look at some recent RDX deals on this site and see how your 9.5% pre-incentive discount compares. What kind of discount are you targeting? How many dealers have you received quotes from?

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Here is how you search Edmunds if you are unfamiliar.

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@Olu What selling price were you able to lock in?

Still shopping around but the money factor is killing the deal. Also reaching out to brokers on here but none is responding. The job of a broker is to help and I wonder how they are getting good reviews. I feel so disappointed.

It’s all relative, you can find a car with a lower MF, but it won’t have as much lease cash. Pilot’s a better deal if you’re chasing the deal

Living in a state that taxes the selling price at 6% kills the deal.

Unless you are prepared to move you should probably take this.

@824 adjusting for dealer fees 9.5% is very close to the 10.9% discount deal you posted.

What’s the deal with the 2021 RDX? My current dealer said just stright up it terrible in an e mail and gave me a 368$ a month for a 2020 MDX. Doesnt seem bad but the 2020 has all the older technology and the MDX 2020 is honestly too big imo. Has anyone else got a good number on a 7500 mile per year 2021 RDX? Just wondering?

@Bosman12 Welcome. The best RDX deal I have seen on here recently was posted by @ai2023. Search and check out his deal.

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@Olu Did you ever lock in your RDX deal?

No. Not yet. They want me to get the mdx but the new rdx 2021 they are saying is a terrible lease. If it’s that bad I may go with a bmw x3!!

I found one. 2020 black on black technology package… I currently have the 2018 base. I honestly love it and they buyout is 24k and change. They are worth 29-30k$ and mine has just under 22k miles on it. It is very tempting to buy it out. The new one has way better technology by far but the 2018 has the older more reliable engine 3.5 V6. Anything turbo is going to have issues more then any naturally asspersited engine if your using 2.o lt turbo and getting the same exact hp as a 3.5 V 6. They want 420$ a month for the 2020 tech. Its basically a hard spot to be in…

definitely different drive - we decided against the old body rdx because it didnt have enough sporty feel.
are you on a 2020 tech awd or 2wd and does that 420 incl fees or are you paying up front/trading in yours for it? maybe some equity?