2020 Volvo XC90 T6 Mom 7 seater

Hello Hackrs,

First off this website is awesome. I’ve spent hours reading other folks posts.

I wanted to share what I received from a dealership on a new 2020 XC90 T6 momentum. Let me know how good or bad this deal is.

MSRP - $62,675
36 months / 10k Miles
$1,293.75 Drive off
$620 per month

That’s all the information that was given to me. I was trying to get the monthly down to $600 but no luck. Should I ask about MSD?

Thank you in advance,

Given the current lease programs, what pre-incentive discount is needed to get you to $600?

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I’m not sure what incentive are out there.

They originally wanted $1538.83 drive off and $664.08 monthly.

suppose can always look into a T5 Mom 7 seater? what options on the T6 do you like?
i picked up a T5 AWD with advanced and media package
i didnt personally find any benefit in upgrading to the T6 for my needs, so was happy enough to stick with the T5

This would be a good place to start your research. Talking numbers with a dealer before working out what the vehicle should cost is setting up for failure.

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As @mllcb42 indicated, step 1 get RV, MF and incentives from edmunds. Please read this to learn how. Post what you find out.

I have been poking around to see what brokers on this site are offering and price I received is inline with what the brokers are offering.

As an example Benedetto is offering $60k XC90 for $1500 DAS and $559 plus tax.

Another broker quote was $2400 DAS and $625 a month.

So going off those numbers I think the deal I received from the dealership is fair. Are RV/MF and incentive numbers needed?

Again, sorry but I am new this.

Incentives and such are region dependent and person dependent. What you qualify for in California isn’t the same as what someone else will qualify for in New Jersey.

I’ve seen Volvos have a $5000+ swing in incentives across regions. If that was the case and you were comparing numbers where you had the incentives to a region that didn’t and matched their deal, you’d be overpaying by almost $200 per month.

The best way to get a good deal is to be as educated as possible about the deal and know exactly what you’re looking for. Cutting corners in that process will only harm you.

If I assume your dealer has your best interest at heart and I make an educated guess at the RV, MF, incentives in your region plus make another handful of assumptions, I can build a calculator for your deal. See attached. If all my guesses are correct, the deal is solid in today’s market.

But I would not sign up for a $23,614 financial obligation built on a house of assumptions. I would do my due diligence and understand what the dealer is putting into my deal to get to $620/mth and $1,294 DAS. I suggest you do the same. That’s the same advice I would give to my friend in your shoes.