Which sites do you use to do research? (Updated 08/10/17 Alt Lease Calc) [Library]


Can we get a list going of amazing sites for research? Please add here or post a comment and I’ll add the site and let’s get the library going here.

Incentives Sites:

  1. Go to New Cars
  2. Select Model
  3. Click “Take me to my car”
  4. Click the Model Year you want.
    5.Go to the “More” Tab and click incentives.
  5. Type Zip and select Trim.


Car Selling Price Sites

1. Edmunds TrueMarketValue site: https://www.edmunds.com/tmv.html

2. NADAguides: http://www.nadaguides.com/Cars

3. TrueCar (Used to be good. They’ve sold out.) https://www.truecar.com/#/:

4. Car Gurus: https://www.cargurus.com/

5. Blackbook Lite Portal: Used Cars http://www.blackbookusa.com/bb/products/usedcarhtmlportal.asp?color=d&companyid=cudirect.com

6. Blackbook Lite Portal: New Cars (Only Invoice. No sales data.) http://www.blackbookportals.com/bb/products/newcarhtmlportal.asp?color=o&companyid=thinkbank.COM

Money Factor / Residual Sites:

  1. Google [Model Year] [Manufacturer] [Model] [Lease Edmunds]
    For example 2017 Lexus ES350 Lease Edmunds
  2. Make an account on edmunds using 10minutemail if you don’t want spam.
  3. Make a post with your state, year, model, trim.

The full list of all forums for all cars is here:


Car Reliability Sites:

Please only make judgements on cars based upon NHTSA complaints cross referenced with the actual recalls/TSBs.

  1. Select a vehicle make.
  2. Select model
  3. Select model year
  4. Do not look at the complaints with the big numbers (1). Click on NHTSA government complaints. Scroll down to the owner complaints.
  5. Then look at Recalls.
  6. Then look at TSBs (manufacturer issued Technical Service Bulletins). See if the stories match up.

Then you know it’s for real.


Dealer Holdback Numbers

(Scroll down to chart)

Car Sales Numbers Sites (To Identify Underperforming Brands and guess/forecast whether incentives will increase or decrease the next month)

  1. Select Make and Model

Negotiation Tactics Sites:
Car salesman Confidential on Car and Driver mag.

Alternative Lease Calculators


BMW Specific Sites:




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Try car salesman confidential on car and driver for general advice all around. Also how do you get to more tab and incentives


I just edited my post to be more specific.

  1. Go to New Cars
  2. Select Model
  3. Click “Take me to my car”
  4. Click the Model Year you want.
    5.Go to the “More” Tab and click incentives.
  5. Type Zip and select Trim.

Make it Edmunds forums


I use this site and Edmunds. Bimmerfest & Bimmerpost for Bmw specific info.

Volvo XC90 inscription

BimmerTimes is the new one that has all residuals and money factors posted every month now. A salesman runs it and keeps it updated.

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Hi Hackrs,

First post, so I did lurk around at various topics and I did a general search first, plus I’ve been Googling for some time, and I keep coming up blank for the type of information and suggestions provided here and on Edmunds in regards to specifically Canadian content.

I am aware of a few starters:


Any suggestions for websites or forums that are not pay for services for things such as invoice pricing, regional incentives, best practices and limitations specifically for Canada?

For example:

Toyota Financial Services Canada does not have an equivalent site too:


And no matter how much I Google (or DuckDuckGo or Bing) I cannot discover whether or not TFS Canada offers TCUV or 1 Pay Lease programs. Although I did call TFS Canada recently, placed on hold, then told by the agent that TCUV lease programs are not offered in Canada, but I don’t know if I was just being deterred or not.

So more suggestions would be appreciated :grinning: .

Thank you

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Thanks for this info! Any pointers on how to figure out which rebates/incentives apply for a specific car? For example:


How do I know which rebates/incentives in the list above apply towards a lease? Is it just a matter of picking the ones with the word “lease” in it? And the ones without the word “lease” (or with “purchase”) are for purchase? And can they usually be stacked?


uhm, Nadaguides and Car Gurus in the list above take you to the same url?


You’re lucky. There’s a detailed thread on the Traverse. Search and you’ll find it.

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