Sold one to VROOM!

I wonder whether this has ever happened.

Just did the same. I have 1 month left on the lease so let’s see if we can make some MONEY!

Your shitting me right? Is this nationwide? Or State by State? Was hoping to get some equity out of my 18’ Scat Pack after 2 years or so.

you can email Vroom and confirm. I was going to sell my R/T and that what they told me

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Didn’t know that. Thanks for the info.

It has been a week and keep following up with Vroom and they tell me they are still working with a transportation company and can take a week or more to pick the car up! Has any one experienced the same issue dealing with VROOM ? also they never respond to their emails. Is CARVANA faster then VROOM or the pace is still the same ?

For me, it took 24 hrs to arrange transportation. My overall experience was very positive.

Thanks for sharing ! What Region are you in ? And were the funds available to you the same day ? Thanks

I’m in NJ 2020202020

Car was picked up on a Saturday…funds available next business day (Monday)

What time were the funds available in your account? They picked up and sent the wire to me according to them but there’s still no sign of the funds and it’s been over a day

The funds were available around 2pm EST.

I had silimar experience, it took 8 days for cars to be picked up. Funds were transferred the next day. I am in Illinois.

I sold my 2017 accord sport to them. Had 2k negative equity so I had to pay them the difference. Car was going to be over mileage, need new tires and a couple of other things so I let it go. They worked pretty quickly to get the documents to me. I signed and sent them back. They next linked me with the transportation that would be coming to pick up the car. Monday they said the car would be picked up Wednesday the pickup guy made it Thursday because his truck was full on Wednesday. Friday they mailed the check to Honda financial and it got there on Monday. Honda didn’t show account paid and closed till Friday. They needed five days to process a check which is ridiculous. I would do it all again if I had to. I only had it for a year and was never satisfied with it because I wish I would have got the touring model. I am happy now.

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Thats normal banking


Yeah :frowning: I wish honda financial would’ve accepted a wire transfer. I was worried the entire time vroom had my car and the check was on its way to honda.

After more than 2 mo trying to sell private party and lowered price, decided to get vroom quoted twice with the same offer so I know it’s time :grinning:
2015 Audi A3 Premium FWD
20.3k miles $16500

1 week later…

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I just used the Vroom as well. Got an acceptable offer.
Trust the process.

Interesting thing happened with me. Last month I got quoted on my Optima SXL for 21500. Pay off was around 22000. Carvana was worse. Checked Again this month after making another 250 payment and this time it asked what I expected to get, so I put in 21750. They then offered me 21750. Im like 25 bucks in equity now and my car went up in value from last month even after about 800 miles. So try again and ask for more if you didn’t get what you wanted the first time.

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Yeah i have seen some people state that. Kinda odd. But might be because they are short on ur model at the moment in inventory.
Its fun doing and almost feels like your running ur credit every month but without being dinged

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Let me guess - you are gonna plow your equity right back into a Stinger lease lol???

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