Sold one to CARVANA!



I remember reading somewhere here that honda financial was still charging the $350 disposition fees.


Wow, saw this thread and checked my Caravana price. I’m about 2K positive on my 18 Crosstrek limited. Time to try to hack again!


My guess is that they are willing to lose a little on the chance you’ll buy from them, which I’m sure 90% of the people who are selling /trading to them are doing.


wait, you sold the car off and only made $45? Why would you do that?


Better than having negative equity like my current mini for under 2K from payoff amt.


and no dispo fee


Because we wanted out of the lease. Had the car for 14 months out of the 36 month lease. Wasn’t a great deal, she wasn’t too happy with the car (handles like a boat), and wanted to get something smaller for our new city.

Selling privately would suck, doubt would have been able to get anyone to pay $39k for the Lexus when they can go to a dealer and get one for similar. All dealers were offering $1-3k under the payoff.

I gotta harp this everywhere, no one “made money” on this. We still paid $7500 for the car over 14 months. We just didn’t have to pay more to get out. Which can be a rarity ESPECIALLY on luxury cars


Thanks! Very good insight.


does that include any DAS money?


Only thing I paid at signing was $2500 of MSD, a check refunding the msd is being cut to me in a week or two from Lexus.

Original deal was $540 a month, zero DAS except msd, on a $53k rx350 with a 36/15 term. This was about a year and a half ago. Can get much better deals now.


That’s a 3 series so it must be a 340i not a 440i… just sayin


my typing skills are terrible - its a 340i - thanks for catching that :slight_smile:


During the process of leasing a new car for my wife, we opted to sell her financed CX-5. After reading this thread and the similar one about Vroom I decided to check them out. Carvana offered me $14,200 while both the dealer and Vroom offered me $14,000

Ended up selling it to the dealer because the convenience of just leaving the car and walking away with a check was worth the $200 to me, but their pricing was definitely competitive.


Sold my 2016 Forester to Carvana
Like some others here they didn’t offer much above competition but it was in fact the most I was offered.
I owed $10K on the car and the offers were as followed
Clay Subaru $18.5k They have been trying to get my car back forever and getting me in a new one.
Carmax $19K
Vroom $19k
Carvana $19.5k
Went with carvana as I already had an account with them and was shopping them for off lease luxury cars. Something about 50% off a 3 year old 70k car drew me in. ended up not getting a car from them.
I scheduled pick up for 3:00 and they called saying they were available earlier.
Met them around 1:00 instead. No truck to haul it away BTW. They Uber-ed to my house with dealer plates and were going to drive it away.
They inspected the car, took it around the block. Literally the block as in the block I live on.
I signed some paperwork, get a check for a little over $9k, chase will get one for a little over $10K and we were done and everybody happy… Or so we thought.
The car had been sitting for 2 weeks and after a quick ride around the block it wouldn’t turn back on.
Checked with my neighbors that I never talk to about borrowing jumper cables and they didn’t have.
The Carvana guys were going to Uber to an autozone to get jumper cables but I offered to drive them to the nearest store instead.
We go to the store. They bought the cables, we go back and I give them a jump from the Disco Sport.
They drive with my forester. no longer mine I suppose. Technically it always belonged to Chase I suppose
Done for good this time…or so I thought.
I try use my bank app to deposit the check. no dice.
I go to the ATM to deposit the check. no dice.
So I have a check that I can’t deposit the way I normally deposit checks.
Society will go fully digital one day and nobody will have any idea what real money looks like or a bank.
I have to take time from my day today to go to the bank to deposit the check.
Assuming no issues with the check this was as an ok experience. Took about an hour because of the dead battery.
I’d use them again.


How much do these people expect to sell a 3yr old Forester for?


Assuming it’s an XT… a lot.


not a XT. 28K miles Premium with eyesight and cold weather package. $28k msrp with those options I believe.

@max_g probably $22k or 23k. As someone mentioned their profit margin is not that high. They probably make $1k or $2k on the car. Subaru can sell it as CPO and charge even more.

This is why people finance Subaru, Honda, Toyota etc and lease audis, benz, bmw etc


They gave him about 70% RV, probably low mileage and only 2 years in service. Not unusual for Subaru.


They also make a lot of money from financing. I have a good credit score and was offered 10% for a loan.


would anyone know if they give me the difference between dealer payoff and sale price from carvana.
IF this is the case I have positive equity…this would be win win