Marketplace Guidelines

Business Registration

Business registration is required for any user who uses Leasehackr for commercial purposes. This requirement applies equally to users who conduct business on Leasehackr as an affiliate of a registered Dealer or Broker.

Commercial users who have a separate non-commercial account will need to retire their non-commercial account. Leasehackr staff can assist with moving all previous posts to the new account, if desired.

If a business has multiple accounts representing the business, the business would only need to pay the annual fee once; each member is subject to the monthly fee. Each member of the business needs to disclose their affiliation with the business so consumers are clear whom they are working with.

Each business entity gets one review page. All the members affiliated with that business are collectively subject to the one brand per month posting limit (see below). If you are merging your business accounts, we can help you merge your review threads; if for whatever reason you split, we cannot split your review thread. We will designate the ownership of the review page to whichever account that pays for the annual fee. Contact us to add additional members to your business.

Posting on the Marketplace

Each month, a business may create one new Marketplace topic per brand (not to exceed four topics in total). Additional topic(s) may be created for a brand if the business serves multiple regions and the deal(s) differ by region.

Winners of the Marketplace Ad Auction (see Business Lounge) may additionally create a Sponsored Topic summarizing their existing Marketplace offerings for each respective region.

In order to create a topic, you will need to first select a regional sub-category (e.g., California, Northeast, Midwest, South, West). To help shoppers find deals, every Marketplace topic must include the following tags:

Sellers can optionally include the following tags:

The full list of tags can be found here.

Original Post (OP) Requirements

The OP is the first post that shoppers see when viewing a Marketplace topic. An effective OP will convey all essential information and result in fewer repetitive questions. Please update the OP whenever new deals become available. All OPs shall include the following at minimum:

  • Date last updated
  • Currently available deals* (links to specific posts or spreadsheet are allowed)
  • Instructions on how to obtain the deal, including contact information

*Does not apply to Dealers bound by manufacturer advertising covenants.

Advertising Standards

Advertisements posted on, or linked to, the Marketplace should include the following:

  • Approximate MSRP
  • Amount due at signing
  • Monthly payment
  • Months and annual mileage
  • Broker fee amount, if required (disclose on every post that contains a deal, not just OP)

If the amount due at signing is advertised as “first + taxes + fees”, provide an estimation of the drive-off amount based on seller’s state.

If conditional incentives are included in the deal, disclose the dollar amount of those incentives, and provide an estimate as to how much more the deal would be without incentives.

Marketplace titles that include a monthly payment shall specify what is due at signing. Titles shall not be predominantly in all-caps.


Dealers and Brokers shall not post their deals on another business’s Marketplace topic. The Marketplace shall not be used to poach customers from other businesses. Dealers and Brokers shall refrain from commenting on each other’s deals. (The general public is always free to comment on Marketplace deals.)

Bumping Marketplace Topics

Dealers and Brokers shall refrain from editing their topic’s title, or replying to their own topic, for the sole purpose of bumping the topic to the top of the Marketplace category without any value added.

Examples of allowable bumps:

  • New deal or inventory announcements.
  • A business announcement that otherwise adds value or interest for the reader or builds community.

Examples of prohibited bumps:

  • Replies from the OP that do not provide new information:
    • “Come on by! Great deals today.” (Generic proclamation, no new info)
    • “Call today! xxx-xxx-xxxx.” Or “Submit your inquiry in the form.” (Redundant info already in the OP)
    • @username, I just PMed you.” (Redundant message)
  • Posting a reply and then immediately deleting it.
  • Edits to the last post in a topic that do not result in new information
  • Buddy brokers/dealers bumping each others’ threads


  • Non-compliance with our advertising standards and original post requirements would result in your topic being unlisted until the error has been rectified.
  • For violation of anti-bumping rules, you would get a warning via PM as a first offender. If you continue with the violation, your topic will be subject to Slow Mode for 72 hours.

Instructions for businesses if they observe a violation by other businesses:

  • PM the violator first!
  • If no agreement can be reached between the parties, add @trusted_hackrs to the PM. We have the liberty to agree or disagree with you as a group. Please be respectful of @trusted_hackrs’ judgment and time.
  • No need to flag the post or PM @moderators privately. We are part of @trusted_hackrs.

Seller Reviews Page

A review page is required for Brokers and encouraged for Dealers. Please review Guidelines for Review Pages.


Should a forum member bring to the community’s attention a dispute involving a business that is being unresponsive to the member, and the business has collected payment from said member, Leasehackr in its sole discretion will close and unlist all Marketplace topics by the business, until the business has responded to the incident and/or the matter is deemed resolved. The business will have 24 hours from the posting of the public complaint to respond before their topics are closed and unlisted. Repeated incidents will result in a permanent suspension.


Leasehackr in its sole discretion may revoke the business registration of a Dealer or Broker should the business violate the site’s Terms of Service or the behavior of the business is deemed to be inconsistent with the values of the Leasehackr community.

These Marketplace guidelines will be updated over time based on feedback from users. This is not an exhaustive list. Please use your best judgment and act in the interest of the community.

Please note that Leasehackr and its parents and affiliates do not assume any responsibilities arising from the forum posts here. We are simply providing a platform to post advertisements. We do not provide any transactional services. Please be honest and clear when posting your ads here. Thank you!

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