Mercedes Fleet Discount / Other Incentives WIKI

While researching a Mercedes, I came to learn a few things about incentives and other promotions i didn’t know about so i wanted to start a thread/wiki discussing Mercedes specific incentives. Many people have gotten C and E loaners this year, I know some incentives might only work on new cars and not on loaners but if anybody has valuable information to share from experience, please share. I’ll start:

Fleet Discount:
As most already know, fleet discount is available if you work for certain large corporations.
This link shows a long list of corporations that qualify:

In addition, it seems possible you can get fleet discount through a few associations. If you have specific information to each, please feel free to comment:

American Bar Association:

They have discounted memberships and even memberships for non-attorneys. If you are an attorney, the date of admission to the bar is a factor in the membership fee. Cost to join is about $0-$500 depending on your membership eligibility. As long as your fleet discount exceeds the membership fee, it is worth considering.

American Dental Association:

American Medical Association:



Stacking Fleet & Other rebates:
I was told by a dealership that they do not stack, even on new cars. Some have reported here that they do stack or have gotten them to stack. If there’s more info on how to do it please post.
For example, the Winter Event Rebate and corporate fleet discount did not stack. So if the Winter event rebate is $1000 and your fleet discount is $1500 then you would take the fleet discount if you’re eligible because it is more, but you don’t get $2500 because they don’t stack. If for example you have cost involved to join an association such as ABA and it would cost you $500 to join to get $1500 fleet discount, that would net you $1000 or you could just do the winter event for $1000 which would yield the same discount.

Auto-Pay Discount:
Mercedes ended additional discount for signing up for auto-pay earlier this year. It is currently no longer available.

Traditional Lease vs MSDs vs One-Pay

Mercedes offers three ways to lease:
making traditional lease payment - no additional savings

using multiple security deposits also known as MSD - up to 10 monthly payments are held by Mercedes in exchange for a reduction in money factor (MF) - each MSD buys down the money factor further thereby reducing the interest on the payment). MSDs are refundable at end of the lease.

One-pay lease - 1 large upfront payment totaling all payments saving on MF/interest

One should get a quote for all three options to see what the difference in payment is. For example, sometimes using MSDs ends up making the total payments less than a one-pay, or vice versa. Sometimes the MF is already so low that using MSDs or making a one-pay doesn’t warranty laying out the money because they don’t affect the payment enough.

Anybody with further info, please feel free to post, I’m trying to make this WIKI a source for all leasehackr on this site.


Bumping this as MBUSA have for the first time began allowing stackable incentives. Multiple offers with Loyalty ($750) + Fleet (Varies).

*Exclusions apply for DEMOS/LOANERS/PRESS: Once a dealer has punched the warranty for a demo (pretty much as soon as they go on the road and are cycled out of inventory) the dealer has an OPTION to collect dealer cash on that vehicle from MBUSA. If they exercise this option, any future incentives will no longer be applicable to the lease or vehicle. If they have NOT collected a manufacturer rebate, you absolutely CAN collect incentives on the demo.

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It also seems that these are the most aggressive fleet discounts. I don’t think I have seen better fleet discounts and they pretty much all look static without variance from affiliate to affiliate so you only need membership at one of those participating organizations to exercise this fleet discount.

If you join Mercedes-Benz Club of America for $55 you will get additional $500 discount on a car.

Are there exceptions to the club incentive? If not then it looks like the ideal stack would look like: [LOYALTY + FLEET + CLUB + EVENT] so far

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Mercedes-Benz Club of America exceptions:

  • 12 months of membership before becoming eligible
  • Dealer’s discretion

What’s the current fleet and event discounts in GLE 350 4matic? It seems the quoted price now is ~$1000 more than June.

Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class (Coupe)
Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class (SUV)

from what I see

tomfoolery, am I correct that the following incentives on an E300 are stackable: fleet $1500, Loyalty $750, dealer cash $1000? Thanks much for your insight.

How do you know this? A MB dealer bulletin?

I said it right in my post…

Multiple offers with Loyalty ($750) + Fleet (Varies).

I don’t make inferences from incomplete sentences. So in short, you have been getting dealer quotes that include loyalty and fleet incentives stacking?

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Sorry if I’m being thick :slightly_smiling_face:, your post says fleet and loyalty are stackable, but I’m not clear if dealer cash is as well.

Sorry, I thought I replied. Yes, dealer cash should also be stackable but is usually taken off the sale price and it wont be apparent from your contract’s list of applied incentives/rebates. If dealer cash has been collected on a vehicle already, no incentives are applicable towards the vehicle because it is no longer considered “new” by MBUSA.

Thanks so much for your help! It’s very much appreciated.

So I’ve gotten some interesting responses from dealers. Wow, they do love to play games or are simply misinformed. In any event, regarding loaner/demo cars with mileage, can anyone confirm that there is a $ deduction on the RV based on the specific miles on the car? Dealer is telling me the RV is reduced based on miles on the loaner. Can anyone confirm?

This is why I asked if this info came from an official bulletin. The question of incentives stacking with fleet has always been unclear because dealers give different answers/play games.

.20 per mile after 3k reduced from RV

Thanks Tom. My friend who was at MB confirmed this also. He also confirmed that dealer cash is NOT combinable with Fleet (on E300 with 1500 Fleet, if they take dealer cash, you get net 500 on fleet). However, Loyalty still applies, and it’s $1,000. One other thing a particular dealer offered, something called Sales Bonus of $750, which IS stackable with Fleet.

Anyone have official documentation on these incentives/programs and what ones are/aren’t active?:

Executive Allowance Bonus (EAB)
Mercedes Vehicle Plan (MVP)
Master Lease Program (MLP)
Mercedes Incentive Bonus (MIB)
Guest Appreciation Program (GAP)
Loyalty Accelerator Program (LAP)
Dealer Employee Purchase Program (DEPP)
Dealer Employee One (DE1) Vehicle Program
Dealer Employee One Plus (DE1+) Vehicle Program
Special Retail Programs
Fleet programs
Special Retail Cash
ex-Special Demos (SD)
ex-Exclusive Dealer Demo Programs
Pinnacle sales
Corporate Sales Incentive Program (CSIP)
Non-Compliant vehicle sales (NC)
CPO Program
Courtesy Vehicle Program (CVP)
Competitor Conquest Program
Customer Advocacy Program (CAP)
Customer 1 Certificate (C1C)
Fleet Employee Program (FEP)