SIGNED: 2021 Audi A6 55 P+; $70k MSRP; $629/mo (including 6.25% tax + AudiCare); $2181 DAS; 36/12k


I signed this deal yesterday.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 Audi A6 55 Premium Plus
MSRP: $70,630
Selling Price: $63,920 (9.5%) + $1199 (AudiCare)
Monthly Payment: $629 (including MA tax)
Drive-Off Amount: $2181
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12k
MF: 0.00021 (Buy rate = 0.00011)
Residual: 50% + 1% AudiCare
Incentives: $4500 customer credit + $1000 eastern region customer credit + $3000 Penfed/Truecar
Region: MA
Tax: 6.25%
Leasehackr Score: 9.2
Leasehackr Calculator Link: Without AudiCare
Leasehackr Calculator Link: With AudiCare

Negotiated this deal remotely over a couple of days. I mainly spoke with the GM over the phone. He initially came at me with a 7% discount. I informed him I wanted to be closer to 10%. We eventually settled on 9.5% (which was actually 9% since the MF was marked up by 10 bps - I was fine with that since it only added about $10 extra to my payment). No other dealer in my area came close. Most were at 5% off MSRP. I had planned to work with a local broker, but the car I was interested in was bought by a walk-in customer earlier in the week.

There were a few factors that complicated my search:

  • I was looking for a car that had the black optics and premium plus packages. I did not want a black or white car. Given inventory issues, my options were limited. A few dealers never got back to me with a quote or even bothered to counter my initial offer.
  • I made all dealers aware that I wanted to take advantage of the pull ahead program (My local dealer had lied to me last month, and stated I was not eligible for the program). I provided them with the VIN of my A4 so that they could confirm.
  • Finding a dealer in the New England area (MA, NH, RI) that was aware of the Penfed/Truecar incentive and was willing to accept it took some work and time. I even had to go back and forth with the GM where I got the car, to ensure the $3k incentive would be properly applied to the deal.

I want to give a big shout out to @Bostoncarconcierge . I had initially planned to custom order a 5 series, but most dealers in my area did not have any allocation. Mike answered a lot of my questions and was always available to chat.

I am extremely happy with the deal and should be picking the car up later next week. I will post updated photos. For now, here are some photos from the dealer’s website.

Here is some advice to anyone reading this - KNOW your numbers and learn how to calculate a lease by hand. I had to do that a couple of times, after I was asked by dealers to show them how I came up with my monthly. Be prepared to walk away from a crappy deal, but at the same time be ready to sign when a good deal is being offered to you.

Hacking ain’t easy.


TL; DR - Inventory is affecting pricing. I got 9% off using base MF, along with $8500 in incentives. Deal was done over the phone with a few emails back and forth

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Congrats! Glad to hear you got a good deal under the current climate. Can’t wait to see pics!


Congrats! Sharp looking car!


Great Work! Better than me, I just signed A6 P+ for -7.5% discount, .00011 MF, 49% residual including +1% for Audi Care, 36 mo/15,000 miles… $10,000 deposit (my choice) for $550 monthly payment… total out of pocket after 36 months is $29,250… but you scored huge with Penn/TrueCar rebate! Had no clue!

Also had to do deal remote over phone, email detailed lease offer for them to either say yes or no, some dealers had no clue how to respond to this type of offer (unilaterally detailing terms up front)

Congrats and enjoy. Love the color, looks great.


Looks really good. Congrats.

Funny, I was just behind one in traffic this afternoon and it looked gorgeous. It was in the Firmament Blue color and had the 20” sport wheels. Looked absolutely sexy.


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Was it also a 55 or did you get a 45?
I had an offer for 10%+ off last month, but the dealer was dishonest. Incentives were only $5000 for lease cash and Penfed was $1k.

I had signed up for it more than a year ago, after hearing about it on this forum.

I had looked at one in that color. I was also eyeing a Daytona Grey one. Both deals fell through.

Congrats on finally pulling the trigger

Nice penfed/truecar incentive. Can you elaborate on that?

It was 55, was your dealer in Connecticutt? Because I recognize the +.00020 mark up on the MF?

Didn’t like the A4 45? Would love to have this A6 in 3 years at half price with a warranty. Nice work on a challenging lease.

Dealer was in MA. I had reached out to a dealer in CT last month but they were not as competitive.

Part of what brought you success here is that you’re so polite and such a gentleman!

I’m sure the GM greatly appreciated that.


I am coming from an A4. Felt too small for me so wanted to upgrade to something bigger.

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Audi silver with the black optics looks incredible I will say that.

Congrats on deal OP. As @Bostoncarconcierge said, sometimes it’s just a matter of communicating kindly and properly to people, at the end of the day it’s a human on the other side of the phone making everything happen.

Have my gf wanting me to snag one after those photos. :sweat_smile:


I was initially looking at a P+ in Daytona grey or Firmament blue with the black optics package, but both dealers that had the car did not want to play ball. So my options were limited. I should be picking up the car by this Friday. Dealer is 1.5 hours away so I need to coordinate :slight_smile:

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Love it! Every time I test drive one it leaves me wanting one, I love the interiors over the 5 series personally. If only Costco wasn’t gone :woozy_face: