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Hey Leasehackr community! Quick introduction for those of you not familiar with GoSeeTed. We provide a white glove, concierge, start to finish car buying/leasing service for our customers in all 50 states. You tell us the car you want, we find you the best deal on that car, have it delivered to your house, and you don’t have to do anything to get it except call. In the interest of providing an honest, upfront, and transparent experience, we are not paid by dealers, banks or manufacturers but charge a flat fee to our customers so you know exactly how every penny is allocated. Our goal is to have a car in your driveway within 24-48 hours of that initial call. We charge a $99 deposit to get started, and our fee is based on a tiered structure of the original MSRP of the car. New cars with MSRPs under $40k is a flat fee of $599, $40-$60k is $799, $60-$80k is $999, $80-$100k is $1199, $100-200k is $1499, & any cars with MSRPs over $200k, the flat fee is $1995.

We strive to provide an easy, stress free, even fun car buying/leasing experience for the first time in history, if we may be so bold! We look forward to hearing from you!

Phone: (888) 952-7490
Emails: robby@goseeted.com


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GoSeeTed Discussion
GoSeeTed Discussion
GoSeeTed Discussion
GoSeeTed Discussion

Hi all, I realize that I just registered and this is my first post here as well, but I’ve been lurking on these forums for a few months now, trying to learn and absorb info. My wife and I started considering a lease for our next vehicle last October, but life happens and I knew I couldn’t devote the time and effort needed to get the deal we wanted, so we started looking for a broker. I live in NC, and I had a difficult time finding somebody who worked in this state.

I reached out to the GoSeeTed team a couple of months ago and Robby and I communicated a few times before we were ready to proceed. The vehicle we wanted (Mazda CX-9) does not lease well, but we’d owned one in the past that my wife loved, and I knew through my research that our ballpark budget could get us into one with some work.

Our lease is within the 1% rule here, was a true sign and drive (just 1st month due), the dealer (about a 90 minute drive from my house) delivered to our driveway, and the salesman and I finished the paperwork in just a few minutes. I can post up the #'s if somebody wants them, but they do check out along the spirit and guidelines of this site.

Anyways, I wanted to post here so people reading through this can see an actual experience with Robby and GoSeeTed. I feel like it was well worth it given my personal circumstances, and I don’t think I would have received the same kind of deal locally on my own without more time and effort than I was able to put in. It’ll be a while before we need to go through the process again, but I wouldn’t hesitate to call them again.

Thanks again Robby!

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Just wanted to post a quick review of @GoSeeTed . I used Ted and Robby, to land 2 great deals. Robby and Ted both were awesome to deal with and I have zero complaints. Unfortunately both of these vehicles are in the marketplace forum due to a loss of job. We will be driving our commuter cars until our situation gets better. Robby and Ted kept my girlfriend and I very informed of the process, the numbers, and the day our vehicles would be delivered to the door. Both vehicles arrived, we signed the papers, paid GoSeeTed, and thats it. In my personal opinion, it couldn’t have been better! Prior to signing, Ted went over every single line of the contracts. Literally every single line. I would totally recommend GoSeeTed for anyone wanting a good deal on a lease, and would rather sit home not having to deal with salesmen and dealerships. Heres some numbers:

2017 Toyota Tacoma 6speed TRD OR 15k/36 through US Bank, zero due at signing, 35 payments of 334.

2017 VW Sportwagen TSI S AWD 15k/36 through VW Credit, zero due at signing, 35 payments of 335

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ROBBY and GOSEETED.COM are Awesome!!!

Don’t walk, RUN to hire these guys!

When we first starting doing research on leasehackr, we read this thread and got introduced to Robby & the company he works for GoSeeTed.com.

This guy, Robby, has proven to be a car leasing genius and a total professional!

After having utilized their AMAZING service with FANTASTIC results, we wanted to give GoSeeTed.com & Robby a BIG shout out here…the wife and I hired Robby last week to help secure the best deal on a base model Acura MDX…we had already gone to a few different dealers and thought we had done a pretty good job in negotiating a great deal on this new car…boy, were we WAY off! After negotiating with three different dealers, we got to what I thought was the absolutely bottom dollar deal…we were at $531 including taxes & fees, with zero to start the lease…we had been on leashackr to try and get all the info we needed to get this deal and the leasehackr community was very supportive with tips and suggestions (thank you!), which helped us get the lease payments under $550, which was our goal…But my brilliant wife, who I thought was wasting time on leasehackr, suggested we hire this guy Robby for $99 to check our deal. I didn’t want to do it, as everything I had read online was saying we were already at the best deal…but she insisted, I love my wife! With that move, she saved us over $3200 by hiring GoSeeTed.com…Robby got all the info on the exact car we were going to lease and the deal we had from Glendale Acura.
He said he’d research and analze the deal to let us know exactly how much profit the dealer was holding at the $531 payment…he called us 24 hours later and said the dealer was making almost $4k at that number and said we could go back to the dealer and try to get them to give up some of this $4k in profit, to improve our deal…then, the BEST PART…Robby then said OR we can have the car delivered to your house and the best deal GoSeeTed.com could secure was $420 including taxes with zero due at signing & the SAME DEALER was ready to delivery the new MDX to our house that day!!! I was in shock…his fee was $799 for this deal as the car had an MSRP between $40k & $60k (MSRP was $45k)…he also allowed us to apply the $99 charge for the check your deal thing, towards his $799 fee…HANDS DOWN the best experience we have ever had leasing/buying a new car! Dealer showed up, signed paperwork, went through the car with us (in our driveway!) and that was it…the entire process with signing & delivery was less than 30 minutes…Can’t say ENOUGH about this guy, we are still in shock at how easy it was…ALL those hours we spent at those dealers was a huge waste of time and very frustrating! But we’re SUPREMELY happy to have Robby on our side, we’ll never do another car lease again without his assistance…do yourself a favor and call this company before you sign anything!

Here’s the skinny on our AMAZING deal!

MSRP: $45,025
Invoice: $42,627
Money Factor: .00050
Residual: 58% $26,115
Total due at signing: $0
Final payment $420 including taxes
36 months @ 10k miles a year

Thanks again Robby, you made it an absolute pleassure! THANK YOU!!!

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this whole thread is funny ppl love throwing potshots on this forum huh, on a related note I asked @GoSeeTed for some help on a deal and he pretty much gave me the “I’m busy I’ll try excuse,” no worries though got an honest opinion from @benedetto that 5k off sticker was the dealer basically “firesaling” the car, bummer would have loved to see ted give it a shot and even wouldnt mind paying a fee if he got the numbers to what other dealers were on different colored cars.



Examples of recent deals below:

A Lexus LS460 with $77,868 MSRP. This was a cash deal, sold for $62,321.78. July 28th

2017 Nissan Leaf SL, July 15, this MSRP was $39,860, it was the best Leaf you can get. He is paying 0 out of pocket, and $361/mo tax included with 35 remaining payments and 12,000 miles a year. If he had put down $1,000, his payment would be 331/mo and and if he put down $2,000 it’d have been 300/mo.

2017 Acura RDX, on July 19, $40,010 MSRP. Again 0 money down, and $350/mo with 35 remaining payments including tax and 10,000 miles a year. If he put down $1,000 his payment would have been $320/mo and at $2,000 would have been $290/mo.

Here’s a Checy Bolt with MSRP of $43,570. As we like to do often, 0 out of pocket, $376/mo, 35 remaining payments including tax, 12,000 mi a year. This guy had a GM loyalty rebate and with $1,000 down would have had a $346/mo payment, and with $2,000 down a $316/mo payment.



A word in support of @GoSeeTed: I was looking to lease a 2017 Toyota Corolla for my son and stumbled on to this forum as I tried to navigate the bewildering world of car deals. I knew absolutely nothing, zilch, nada, and had exactly one week to learn the ropes and find the best deal. I tried posting questions but frankly, who has the time or inclination to educate a total newbie? Ted did. His team responded immediately to my request and called me – on a Sunday. They walked me through the process step-by-step, explained everything in detail, and found me a good deal within the time I had allotted for it. Was it the best possible deal a leasehackr veteran could have found? I have no idea. Ididn’t have time to do the research. For a complete neophyte like me, Ted was a godsend and well worth the fee.

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I’m not a regular on this forum, but I can provide a testimonial for using Ted. I was interested in leasing a 2018 Subaru WRX STI. They are just coming into the market so in a 150 mile radius of my home in Baltimore there was only one car configured the way I wanted it. But I wanted to lease and the dealer was being very difficult. For a $100 fee Ted analyzed the offer I’d been given and was able to tell me how much the dealer was making in the hold back plus how he was padding the money factor. Armed with that information, I was able to negotiate a truly excellent deal on this car with almost no haggling. Our final conversation with the sales manager lasted five minutes. Ted was nothing short of awesome. He was really fast in analyzing the deal and extremely patient in walking through all the variables that went into the lease offer. I’m not sure how relevant the details are but this is a car with an MSRP of $43,183. I got $7,000 for my trade-in when the dealer originally offered $5,000. And my monthly payment of a 36month lease with 15,000 mile allowance is $380. Ted is fast, professional, and very knowledgeable. That being said, I don’t think his business is geared toward the regulars on this discussion board who love to inform themselves about the nuances of negotiating car prices. But if you’re a normal Joe who’s smart enough to know that the system is set up to fleece unsuspecting consumers, hell yeah you should use him. He offers real value and a much needed service.



What are the numbers? People on here like to judge deals for themselves, not take someone’s word on how “incredible” it was.

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Ted refuse to post numbers outside of a couple of examples. If Ted is working so hard, wouldn’t he suggest, “Hey, I’m killing it here, just landed a deal of X/mo on an Acura in Anytown, USA for a customer. Hit me up and I can get you a similar deal.” The less transparent people are the more their actual numbers turn out to suck. We’ve seen that here time and time again. This company does extremely little other than beat a dead horse about how hard they work to charge the highest fee. As if anyone gives a s$%@ how hard you work - this is a total commodity business driven 95% by price. Simply post every deal you do and people will use you more and more. That is, unless the deals actually suck…

[Comment edited - reviews were confirmed legitimate]



@pizza8822 I understand what you’re saying. And while I would agree that we don’t know the validity of the reviews from new/inactive accounts (that’s been addressed already by my note at the top of those reviews), I’d like to give all of our brokers and dealers the benefit of the doubt. GoSeeTed is obviously trying to immerse themselves in the forum – but not everyone immediately starts off on the right foot, so I think it’ll take time for them to build rapport. In the meantime, I don’t think these types of posts are particularly constructive because we’re just harping on Ted, and we, too, are beating a dead horse (see: Marketplace thread). People should know up front to take reviews with a grain of salt if they’re from seemingly fake accounts, but rather than continuing to criticize, let’s let prospective clients make their own decisions based on what they see in the reviews.

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Maybe I am misunderstanding what people are looking for in this forum. Who actually wants to read some advertisement speak post about a broker (GoSeeTed), with no teeth of even listing payments (GoSeeTed)?

Lots of other brokers act normally like @nyclife (and others I’m leaving out) and actually post deals and don’t brag about how awesome they are constantly.

[Comment edited to remove unnecessary insults]



Simple. It’s options, that adults can choose to use or not. Free market, if you don’t like him - move on to the next one, if you ever going to use a broker.
Now - all this glowing reviews can be fake, or not. So, unless proven otherwise, they should stay and everyone should decide for themselves.

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The “review” I was responding to was deleted, so my comment now appears to lack context.



Presumably by the original poster. I didn’t delete it.



@Ursus it is a fine line between “options” and spam. Spam via GoSeeTed and his fake reviews do not belong on this website. The only reason anyone puts up with his ‘services’ is because thank goodness there is only one of him, and I guess there is an annoying dude on every website, and here he is: GoSeeTed and all his aliases. Odd that @max_g and I were commenting about another fake review posted by this bozo that then magically disappeared.



And I have no idea how is it possible - there is no “delete” option, as far as I know.
About spam: there are few others here, who advertise their services, but never post their deals, no matter how many times they were asked. And they get overwhelmed with requests and profiting from LH. What do you do about them? No one can protect people from themselves here, at least under current set up.
And I’m sure there are others who operate behind the scenes by contacting users directly without registering as brokers and advertising themselves.
Edit: maybe Michael checked the deleted post by IP and deleted it.

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I don’t think that Ted has been spamming the forum. They operate differently than most brokers – if it becomes spam, we’ll be on top of it.

We can talk more about this if you want to PM us. I don’t think it’s necessary to discuss here.

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I can assure you that I’m not a fake reviewer; I simply don’t have time between working 2 jobs (7 days a week), having 2 kids, and trying to move into a new house. I’ve actually got a minute to sit down tonight for a bit, so I’ll post my #'s in my next post. I sent some of them over to @dukez the other night so that I could prove I’m not spam. Robby delivered as promised to me and I’d recommend his services to any of my friends in a similar situation.