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Here’s the lease I signed - Raleigh, NC area

2018 Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring

MSRP - $41,445
Sales Price -$37,567, also another $900 in rebates
MF - 0.00065
60% res
$419.91/m including 3% tax, $0 due at signing


Jumping in to clarify here that @GoSeeTed has provided me with proof over the last week to validate some of the reviews in this thread. I’ve consequently removed the notices on those reviews.

Obviously we want to do our due diligence to make sure we aren’t allowing fake reviews from fresh accounts. This is a protection for LH users as well as anyone else who comes across this forum looking for a registered broker. And for that reason, @pizza8822 your concern is absolutely valid (though not particularly diplomatically expressed :slight_smile: ), and I shared the same concern. In the interest of setting the record straight here I reached out to Robby @GoSeeTed to give him the opportunity to prove those contracts were legit, and he has now done that.


Amen. Now, just move on, everyone.


Going to say I am happy with Robby at goseeted’s service. I called all the dodge dealerships within a couple hours of me and most of them wanted about $660 per month incl taxes and $3000 down for a 2018 hellcat $70k ish msrp. Some of the dealers even more then that. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get Florida dealers to match the deals some of the guys have gotten on here on Charger hellcats.

The best deal I was able to get for myself was about $680 per month with $1000 down. Paid Robby the $99 to see if he could get me a better deal. He wasn’t able to beat my deal by enough that it made sense to pay their fee. However, he did get the dealership I was working with to knock my monthly payments down to $667 so by paying the $100 he saved me around $470, $370 after his fee.

Anyway, I know its the deal doesn’t match what some of u guys got, he could have gotten me a better deal if I was willing to travel further but my job is commission based and its not worth my time to save another $1000 to be honest. So yeah, I’d use him again for sure, it’s a good service for guys that are new to this like myself.


Note to all: I’m cleaning this thread up a little bit. I worked with @GoSeeTed to confirm these reviews were tied to legit contracts.



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