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In 2004, I walked into a Volvo and Mercedes store and secured my first job in the car industry. I have been apart of the industry since then, working for dealers or helping clients, friends, and family secuing great deals…

Bacon’s Car Concierge was officially started in early 2019 and is a registered LCC in Florida. I specialize in Florida and beyond, and consider myself a boutique consultant; building vehicle profiles with clients and activating a plan to secure the best deal for them

I specialize in highline vehicles, but open to consulting any brand, as I enjoy the challenge and building great client/dealer relationships.

Please check out my website under FAQ to understand the process better and consulting fees.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you.

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M-F 8:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
Saturday: Appointments Only
Sunday: Closed

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Hello All,

Just dropping in to give kudos to Bacon’s Car Concierge for getting me a fantastic deal on a new 2020 BMW M340I. I was about to close with a dealer in PA and last minute I switched to use his services when i realized how much I would save. I don’t have the numbers in lease hackr but he was able to get me 13.5% off before incentives last month.

Stephen went above and beyond to explain all the fine details and even got me a deal on the transport from Texas to South Florida. He’s more like a buddy to me than just a random broker since even before he got me my car we chatted over on bimmerpost numerous times.

Rest assured, Bacon’s Car Concierge is a trusted guy, I can personally vouch for and will send anyone I know who is looking for a new car to him.


I just did a deal with Steven and he was amazing to work with. He made the process so easy! I will be using him in the future. I would strongly recommend him to anyone!

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Happy to be of service! Enjoy the 530i

BMW 530i Lease Loaner - 381 a month

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Mark thank you! The car looks great… still need to get over that way and get together with you and Mike! Keep it below the speed limit.

I met Stephen @Bacons_C.C through LeaseHackr a few months back while I was dealing with the frustration of leasing a BMW M340i here in South Florida. He was super helpful in providing me with some tips on how and where to get a better deal. Ultimately, I just asked him if he was interested in brokering the deal on my behalf. Best decision I could have made. Mark @E46fanatic and I worked with Stephen at the same time and I ended up with a consistent 13.5% discount before incentives. Monthly payment was literally more than $200 a month cheaper than what some of the crazy local dealers were pushing.

As many of you know, leasing in South Florida can be a challenge. I’ve spent months going back and forth with a slew of dealers on past leases. Stephen did more in 2 days than I would have likely been able to do in 2 months. He is super responsive to questions and helped me out throughout the entire process.

If you’re in the market for a car and don’t have the time, patience or ability (like me), I would definitely suggest that you reach out to Stephen at Bacon’s Car Concierge. You won’t be disappointed.



Enjoy the car in good health my friend!! And if you see Mark… no racing!!!

Worked with Stephen on an X1 and he was so helpful and easy to work with…so nice to get a great deal without having to deal with car salesman. I was in and out of the dealership with my new car in an hour. Will be back in 3 years when I’m looking for my next one.

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@jml it was a pleasure working with you as well! Enjoy the new wheels!!!

Worked with Mr.Bacon and referred multiple people to him with no hesitation. I have his contact saved in my phone as “WIZARD”. I had to convince him to start brokering because it would be wasted talent. Easy experience and was organized and prompt every step of the way from finding almost the exact car I wanted, shipping, to delivery. Gave him an extra $100 in broker fees because he deserved it. If you’re looking for any car pm @Bacons_C.C he does this for fun.



Haha. Thanks for the review! I think my wife is looking for you!! Enjoy the car and thankful it stayed out of the hurricane!

Stephen is awesome!! I didn’t know him before signing up on leasebackr about 4-6 weeks ago. I don’t trust easily and with all the scams you hear about I was a little uncomfortable at first but he made the process very easy and was very professional. He’s a great guy who loves cars and helping people get great deals. I live in NC and used him last month to lease a 2019 330i w/ 1k miles - 18% off before incentives. He arranged transportation from the dealership in Texas to NC. The car actually arrived 2 days early. Even after paying him and the transportation company, I’m saving $4300 on the lease compared to the best deal I got from a local dealership. He’s totally dependable and trustworthy and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a car.


@cardioholden. That car looks great in NC :). Hope you are enjoying some great vacations with that saved money!!!

I plan to. Many thanks to you.

I can’t thank Stephen enough for helping get my 530i over the course of a month and half. I have changed my mind on the model about a dozen times, but Stephen didn’t lose his patience. Over the course of the month or so, Stephen and I chatted every day to find the best deal out there and I am so happy we did. He got me 22% off pre incentive on a $63k 5 series which is unthinkable here in Florida.

I was very satisfied by the knowledge and friendly advice he provided throughout the entire process, and above all the unbelievable payment I was able to get on this car.

I have enjoyed the buying experience through him and will do it a 100x again. I have already referred few friends and family members to him for his unbeatable lease numbers.

Hope to swap out in a few months and use his services again!



Thank you for the kind works! Your car looks great and those seats are amazing. Next time when the broker says sign… we sign right? It was fun finding another car anyway :grinning:

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Where do I begin with my review of Bacon’s Car Concierge. The dedicated service, knowledge, patience Stephen demonstrated during the course of the search and purchase of my new M340i was by far the best level of customer service I’ve had. He was always 100% honest and gave me realistic expectations, going above and beyond until I felt comfortable and happy with my choice.

He’s been able to develop solid business relations with these dealers, therefore, able to provide lease structures that I can say with confidence nobody else can. I can say that because whenever other people gave me “their numbers”, I felt like I was talking to a dealership and not a broker. Funny thing was that whenever I would talk to Stephen, I didn’t feel I was dealing with a broker but with a friend.lol.

I’ve talked to my friends and family about his wonderful service/support and will bring him as much business as I can, including my repeat business.

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Pretty short and sweet here… Very impressed on such a smooth transaction. My first using a broker and actually am looking forward to the next. Calls, texts, emails, very good communication and follow up.

2020 bmw M340i. Custom order for my wife. Was able to find me 10% off before incentives.