Why so few brokers in FL

Newbie here - I’ve been lurking and learning a lot but I likely will engage a broker when I decide to pull the trigger. I’ve noticed that most of the deals facilitated by brokers in the Marketplace forum are in CA or Northeast US, with very few in FL (where I live). Any reason for this? FL has a large population so I’m wondering why there aren’t more brokers here - or am I missing something?

Have no fear, I can recommend a great broker that I used recently. Link below, fellow Floridian who will go above and beyond to get you a fantastic deal No need to look elsewhere.

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Thank you for the referral. Much appreciated. :+1:
But I’m still curious why most of the broker activities on this site tend to be in the Northeast and CA — I understand that both of these regions have high population; but FL isn’t that small either.