🥓. Bacon's Car Concierge... Florida and beyond!


Such a beautiful car! Maybe the wife will let you drive it sometimes :joy:

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Can’t say enough good things about Bacon’s Car Concierge.
After a few months of trying to negotiate myself and going nowhere it I decided to go with a broker for the first time and went with him based on the previous reviews I read. Couldn’t have been more happier.
I am a communication freak myself and the prompt answers and constant follow up were quite appreciated wether it was mail or text or calls. We stuck to our numbers and got a deal done on a M340i that was way better than I had seen and could have expected, especially from Florida…

Let me put it this way… My wife said - Are you talking again to your new best friend? Which though a bit sarcastic on her end, is the best compliment I could put out there to show that in the few weeks he worked with me we established a relationship that felt more like a friendship than a transactional one.

Will definitely be working with him again in 3 years when it is time to part ways with my new M340i.

Thank you again, I can sleep at night now :slight_smile:



Thank you for the kind words!! That is the best part, meeting great people!! Enjoy the the M340i in good health!!!

Just wanted to drop in a quick review for Bacon’s Car Concierge (BCC). He found the car of my choice (Volvo XC90) but the negotiation with dealer is still ongoing. And that is because BCC thinks there is room to negotatie further.

That is what i like about him. He provides proper guidance, very informative about the lease world , and definitley patient.

You won’t go wrong selecting him as a broker.


I leased a new BMW M5 with Stephen’s help today. He was a true professional throughout the entire process and got me a deal that I never could have come close to myself.You can trust him to advise you with your best interest at heart. He has a passion for what he does and really enjoys seeing his clients happy with their purchase/leases. To illustrate this, he presented many options, was not pushy, helped me decide what the best deal was or my needs, and actually was present at the dealership today with me throughout the entire transaction (who else does that !!!). I can recommend him without hesitation. Thanks again Mr. Bacon.




It was a pleasure working with you and getting to know you. If you ever need someone to car sit while you travel, I will find space in my garage for that M5 comp! Enjoy it sir!

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I have never used a broker before but after working with Stephen I cannot see how I would not use his service again. He always promptly return my emails and texts no matter the time of day. I cannot be happier with my amazing deal. The process was so easy and painless.

I highly recommend him to anyone.

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I hope your wife enjoys HER car!! You forgot to include the marriage counseling that I do too on the side :rofl:

Look forward to the next adventure with you!


Thank you for the kind words!!!

I have been meaning to leave a positive feedback for Bacon’s Car Concierge a while. I was traveling last couple of months so finally had some time to post. We have tried to get a good deal on 7-seater family SUV for our growing family a while. I literally contacted many dealers with no luck. Since wife is going to be driving, safety and comfort was number priority. Stephen helped us navigate through the best vehicle our budget could buy. He has been very responsive and very easy to work with. He calmly provided feedback on our never ending questions and was very patient with our indecisiveness. With his excellent negotiation skills, we were able to get a Volvo XC90 T6 Inscription trim ($71K MSRP) high 500s(6% tax included) where other deals we got did not come close. When I went in the dealer to sign the paperwork, even the sales manager admitted, Stephen knew what he was doing and without him, we would not be able to close such deal. It was my first experience using a broker. I already am spreading his name among my network!

So do not hesitate to contact him for your lease needs.


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Thank you for the great feedback. I enjoyed working with you as well. I am thankful we got the wife into a safe car!

Some folks play golf, some enjoy playing video games, and others love helping people buy cars while truly having fun—“find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never work a day in your life”—this is Stephen (@Bacons_C.C) from Bacon’s Car Concierge.

At no point did I feel pressured by Stephen, and in fact, at points he helped me work through a deal which would have netted him no fee at all.

Every step of the way, I felt at ease and felt like I was talking to my friend—one who just happened to be incredibly knowledgeable about cars and the car buying process.

Ultimately, despite my tight timeline, Stephen ended up helping me save thousands on my new X5.

I hope Stephen stays in the car game, because I will never buy a car any other way (nor will anyone else in my family).

Thanks, Stephen, you are a true gentleman. Look forward to the next one.



Abe you are awesome! I actually took a screenshot of this and when I get in trouble from the wife for working too much, I am going to show her this and say “ see honey, I am changing people’s lives”

Thanks again!


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When are you coming over to our locale to host the big South Florida Fiesta? You’re now the official SFL luxury marque Broker. Happy to see you’re brokering deals like a “wild fire” or should i say " hurricane" lol.

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I can’t say enough about how amazing Stephen was throughout the process of leasing my BMW 330i. Every step of the way he was willing to answer all of my (sometimes stupid) questions. He even went so far as to go around test driving vehicles with me. He’s the consummate professional. I’ve already referred one other person who leased a car, and I’ve been signing his praises to anyone that will listen.

If you’re in the market for a lease, you’ll be in GREAT hands with Bacon - everything IS better with Bacon!!

Thank you SO much for everything you did - I will DEFINITELY be a repeat customer!


Shawn… enjoy the car and get the windows tinted!!

Also…I am going to tell your MIL…that you referred to her as a “other person” :rofl:

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Another fan of Bacon’s Car Concierge. Once you read all the above reviews it is almost unbelievable. But they are all true and beyond. I was just so impressed by Stephen and the approach he takes in helping people get the best deal one can get. I just recently got 2020 BMW M340i XDrive at a very good discount (13.5%) for 36/10. I am based out of PNW and the dealers here are notorious for not that great deals. So that is when I posted in this forum after I did try out with most dealers in my 500 miles radius personally. I wasn’t making much progress and that is when Stephen replied and asked what I was specifically looking for and then worked with me on getting the deal. He explained the process and also was very proactive in communicating and is very professional person. Usually I am busy on my work days hence quite a few times I was the bottleneck in replying to emails and texts. He was super quick in responding. I still wonder how we does that especially when he is working on many deals in parallel. He helped with getting the deal, setting up remote registration and also even shipping the vehicle. On top of that there were some delays due to the contract needed to be funded from BMWFS through paperwork, Stephen refunded the cost of those days which were delayed due to that since even he was not aware of it. I really appreciated this gesture from him since he had no such obligation for the same.
Overall it was a great experience and for the deal I got, I don’t think I will ever buy locally again. I was fortunate that Stephen is able to help out folks from this area :).

Stephen, buddy thanks for your amazing help and I am sure I am going to come back again in some time for my next purchase as my CX-9 lease is going to get over next year in August.

If any of you are looking for leasing, reach out to him and you will be glad that you did! Happy thanksgiving y’all!

Some pics of the car:


Great color combo!


Beautiful car… when I see a car like this, I am a little sad that my M340i is going out the door!.

I am so thankful you love the car, and it was a pleasure working with you as well. Helping people is truly my passion and when I put both passions together… it works out! Thank you again and no speeding on I-5

As others have posted, I am another satisfied client of @Bacons_C.C and am happy to recommend his services without reservations.

Throughout the process, Stephen repeatedly demonstrated high integrity and unwavering dedication to delivering superior customer service. Several recommendations he proposed actually would have resulted in a financial disadvantage for him. So I simply asked why he would do that and his answer was genuinely transparent and brilliant – he said that he simply wants to have a clear conscience and he feels that he has an obligation to present to his clients all relevant facts so that they can make informed decisions. Truly wise words and wise business acumen. In my +25 years in business working overseas in some of the most challenging ethical environments, I have always tried to remind our team that reputation takes years to establish but seconds to destroy and so it was refreshingly wonderful to be able to interact and do business with a gentleman who shares this passion.

In fact, I would say that the whole experience dealing with Stephen was probably more fun than getting the car itself, but since this is a forum about good deals on good cars, I should add that we are very happy to have a rare BMW i3 BEV with Tech + Driving Assistance package. Stephen was able to get 13% off MSRP and with $10.5K manufacturer incentives, the car costs less to lease per day than a nice cup of Starbucks latte, and this is with no MSD and $0 DAS (just first month payment, sign-and-drive.) And the heated seats have been awesome in this recent cold spell.

Thank you Stephen for your service. You have earned our loyalty and trust. Finally, I would be negligent if I do not also thank @e46fanatic for having replied to my post inquiring about brokers and referring me to @Bacons_C.C.