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Is the dealer in nor cal?

Which dealer? Might be interested in getting one

Trying to help a good friend of mine- are you able to share the name of the leadership so we can ask them to match the deal?

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Second this - pls share dealership?

Can you please let me know which dealer is this in SoCal?

Hey Stephen, I don’t know where to PM you so I just replied to the last forum. I"m on the hunt for the best deal for a 2019 or 2020 Audi Q8 (without all the fancy packages), or a Lexus 2019 or 2020 RX 350. I do have color requirements, just want to know if any lease specials on these 2 models in any of the years that I mention. Looking for a 36 month, 12K per year lease. thanks! 941-724-9722

Can you pls send me detail for lease, my number 949-246-8831

Hello, can I get a link please?

link please

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I’m sorry for posting here. I want to offer a lease. where and how do I post it… I’ve been reading posts definitely more than 5 minutes…
Please Help . I’m in Los Angeles

I am snowbird. I’m in Florida but I have house in Brooklyn. This Volvo is it and and can you delivered

Interested in S60 T5. Please message me at

the deal is listed for California…can you share where in California?

Just got this offer. Personally i think its pure shit. Definitely will not touch. Hoping for much more aggressive discounts

Looks like 7.2% on a custom build?

Not a particularly strong offer but it’s to be expected on the hot new model. Incentives are pretty poor right now too.

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Utilizing your existing relationships doing something you enjoy to help with your full time grad school obligations…nothing but respect for you.

And making ethics the core of what you do is always a winning proposition. Wish you all the best, Ally!


Welcome to the fold! It’s always good to have more of us working side chair on a desk.

Feel free to hit me up any time if you want to talk shop (or just talk)


Welcome to LH Ally. The are a number of brokers in the NY Metro area that offer very aggressive BMW deals, but since Hyundai and Genesis typically don’t lease well, we hardly ever see good deals for those. Hopefully your relationships can change that dynamic, and you can move some of those and help to work down your loans!

GMC is another manufacturer that we haven’t seen great deals on in a while, so maybe there’s opportunity for you to expand with them.


I think the nurse/broker combo is a first on here. Welcome and respect what you’re trying to do!