BMW 530i Lease Loaner - 381 a month

I just closed on a 2019 BMW 530i in Texas. This was a demo car with 2100 miles. 36 months and 12,000 miles. See calculator below:

Pre-tax Monthly Payment: $381

Monthly Payment with Tax: $381

Drive-Off: $676

  • First Month Payment: $381
  • Down Payment: $-2,639
  • Upfront Fees: $344.25
  • Upfront Taxes: $2,589

MSD Payment (Refundable): $2,800

Disposition Fee: $350

Total Lease Cost: $14,168

Leasehackr Score: 13.1 years

Incentives - 1750 Lease, 2000 Loyalty, 500 OL code, 1000 college rebate


Pre tax and post tax is the same…why?

Good dealer discount while getting the base MF. Nicely done!

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Because he is paying the taxes in full upfront.

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He is not. He is rolling it into the capped cost. Thus the negative down payment.
It’s a way to make the calculator work for us texas folks who still want to do 1st month + fees as drive off

Great deal OP.
Healthy discount, base MF and all the incentives and you did MSD.

I did a deal last month ($492) but I didn’t get base MF and didn’t qualify for 3 of the incentives you got. So congrats!

Half of the difference in your lower payment was because of the incentives, other half being the better MF. Oh well. Next time!

Buy rate MF and high discount is hard to get in TX due to the low doc fee. For the most part only showroom/lot anchors end up getting both. Case in point, we recently did a deal for a client on a new X7 50i (Fairly high MSRP) at 11.5% and buy rate due to time listed.

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Was this deal brokered? @jumpman2323
Saw someone post this in their review thread. If yes, great deal by the said broker.

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$106,xxx MSRP (cough, cough). :stuck_out_tongue:

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good discount, if this were a month or two ago you would have shaved roughly $30 off it, accounting for incentive difference and mf, but a really good deal in Texas nonetheless. 5 series inventory is drying up.

Thank you all. I used @Volvo. He was amazing!

Did you also try 12/24? Since the incentives are high. I’m considering one-pay (1% sales tax) on 12/24 since it’s not much more than putting down MSDs and fees etc.
Nevertheless great deal, enjoy!

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Hi Electric,
Thanks for your post! How long would it for a car to be considered as a “lot anchor”? Thank you so much!