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Jwld82, as Nick mentioned - the west coast of Florida has been absolutely destroyed, without power, and we had minimal service until yesterday when they moved out of there. Apologies for not getting back to you immediately.

Similarly, the dealer was closed for several days too.

While it’s unfortunate to hear you don’t have your plates yet, that is something we have zero control over (dealership doesn’t either), and it’s still in the DMVs hands. As I mentioned, the title clerk will check in with the DMV Monday on a potential ETA.


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The point largely is that the DMV stuff is not something we can directly have an impact on for out of state stuff.

This is also correct - Believe they use Beacon (which many dealers use). The other problem is that its very hard to provide a timely and accurate update on the title/reg etc because of the massive game of telephone

Client Reaches out → Broker Reaches out to → Sales Manager → Title Clerk → Beacon/3rd Party Title → Reaches out directly to the DMV (which takes forever to get anywhere with them) → back to Beacon → Back to Title Clerk → Sales Manager → Broker → Client.

This is also amplified by the fact that, as many can attest, the DMV is mostly utterly incompetent and useless. In our experience, if plates aren’t received after the 75 day mark, it usually means that perhaps paperwork is missing, 6 points of ID, or the DMV needed something from the 3rd party company etc.

Until that timeframe is reached, we usually say to hang tight. As always, we personally always eat any and all tickets due to expired registrations. We’ve only had one circumstance where someone got cited for this, and it was on a parking ticket.


I put in an order with these guys and they have been great. Nick has answered all my questions and is very responsive. I’ve had a very positive experience dealing with these guys!

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I’ve personally had me my father cousin and uncle all go through ALN.
I’ve also sold a car through them.

I have nothing but good things to say, With the hurricane that hit Florida you need to be understanding, further more ask your self could i have got this deal on my own.

Be safe ALN keep up the great work

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Thomas and the entire Auto Ninja team was nothing short of amazing! They bought me out of my current lease and got me into a brand new Ram 1500. They worked with me through many different obstacles, including getting the truck out of the hurricane’s path!!

I will be recommending the Auto Ninjas to my entire family as well as all friends, as everyone else should. Thank you guys again, and I hope to send some more business your way!!

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I want to thank you guys and your team for helping my wife and I with the Equity in our expiring Lease. For anyone who has an expiring Lease and you’re not familiar with EquityHackr I want to strongly urge you to reach out to EquityHackr before you turn in your leased vehicle.

The Team at EquityHackr are the real deal. They know the car business, They’re honest, reliable and they know what the current market is like. They can help you capture the Equity in your Leased Vehicle before you let the Dealership take it and keep it.

Everything they said they would do, they did and MORE!

It is a great feeling to know you can do business with a Company like EquityHackr that has your best interests at heart. They’re passionate about what they do, and they do what they say!

The entire process was flawless, they equity they gave my wife and I allowed us to upgrade our new car. I think about all of the people who just turn in their car and lose the Equity simply because they do not know about EquityHackr and I want to tell everyone to reach out to Alberto & Matt at EquityHackr.

And I will tell everyone I know to reach out to EquityHackr!

I cannot thank you guys enough for all you do!

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Thank you for the Mazda CX-9GT deal. Just grabbed soul red color with black interiors yesterday. This is my first dealing with Autoninja and I must say it was very professionally handled. there were a couple of emails exchanged with Jaime who helped me through the process. I must say I will do business with them again and shall recommend it to my friends. special shout out to Jaime!! he is a good guy… there were some dumb mistakes on my part and Jaime as well as Autoninja were very patient with me


Please duplicate hasabb’s entry for me.

I took delivery of a 2023 CX-9 GT, and was very happy with all aspects of the transaction, including the delivery it only took ten minutes to sign the paperwork and set up the app for the remote starter on my phone.

Both Thomas and Jaime were very responsive and helpful.

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Huge thanks to Nick & Team getting my 2022 Ram truck order and delivered quickly!

Was a bit worried dealing with a new broker but Nick definitely surpassed my expectations making the process very seamless and was always there when I had any questions/concerns. Signing process didn’t take no more than 15 mins as well which was awesome!!

Definitely recommending AUTONINJAS to my family and friends.

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Such a :fire: spec. Enjoy the car, was awesome working with you too!

Many thanks to Autoninja for Mazda CX9 GT deal. Special thanks to Jaime for answering my dozens of emails promptly.

The delivery was quick. It took only 15 mins to sign papers and start using the car.

This is my second lease with Leasehackr and first with Autoninja. Very professional team. I will be working with Autoninja for my next lease and will recommend them to my friends.

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I would like to take the time to thank Matt and the entire team at Auto Ninjas. They are the epitome of professionalism and excellent customer service. We had a situation come up when I was selling them a car where there wasn’t anything that they did wrong but it could’ve ended me in taking a loss on the deal but they like always, stepped up to the plate and decided to take the hit on their end to ensure I didn’t take a loss. So I will recommend to anyone that’s thinking about ordering with these guys to order without a worry. Just know that they will take care of you and will give you the best customer service from start to finish and fight on your behalf to get you the best deal possible. Will definitely be back to conduct more business with you guys. Hard to find stand up guys in the world today. So I would like to say, I appreciate you guys and will recommend to anyone that asks me.

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I’ve contacted Jaime, Matt, and Nick for a quote FOUR TIMES in the last 3 weeks and none of them has had the decency to quote me for a new vehicle. My enquiries have not been followed up by anyone, despite being ready to pay a retainer and go ahead with a deal.

I could not be more disappointed in their “services”.

What’s going on?