SoCal BMW Specials: 3 Series, 4 Series, X2, X3, 5 Series, 750i, 650i Convertible, i8 , Alpina B7, X7 (APRIL)


For our current BMW ad, please click here !

Let me know if you’re interested, pm me or text at (714) 881-2719 or (949) 524-9543


  1. Can I have additional info?
    It’s laid out in the ad.

  2. Can I stack college grad and OL and USAA?
    Yes, 1k for grad, 500 for OL, and 250 for USAA.

  3. Can I do 12k/15k?
    Yes, 1% residual adjustment for 12k, 3% for 15k

  4. Is there conquest?
    Conquest is only on certain cars and it is typically less than loyalty so payments will go up a tad. Does not stack with loyalty. Any non-BMW vehicle qualifies.

  5. Can I have pictures?
    Due to nature of these deals, I cannot provide that.

  6. Do you have other cars like this?
    It would be at an additional cost for a color/option of your choice. I post the most aggressively priced vehicles as specials.

  7. If my brother’s pet dog’s friend’s owner has a BMW, does that count for loyalty?
    BMW loyalty is exclusively reserved for in household owners of BMW. Must be the same address. No I cannot just get you loyalty, please stop asking.

  8. Can it be shipped?

  9. Which dealer is this located?
    Each car is located at one of our in-network dealers across SoCal. Due to phone calls our dealers have received, I cannot disclose dealer info without customer commitment.

  10. Do you guys work with other manufacturers?
    We do!
    BMW - Infiniti - Lexus - Rolls-Royce

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FYI, I don’t think there’s a 330e xdrive. It’s either a 330e, or it’s a 330i xdrive.

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You are correct! I missed it when copying the format. Thanks!

What would the monthly payment be for the 320i and the 330e if the term was 36 months vs 24 months using the same DAS and MSDs

Roughly 30 more on each, it’s not worth it IMO


Any 3 or 4 series loaners out there for $300/mo after tax (9.5%) + MSDs and 2k drive at a 36/10 term?

I would post something like that if I can pull it off!

Wow, great deals!

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Any 4 series convertible offers by chance?

No carpool sticker for the 330e, right?

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Correct- 3 series e gets nothing.

No 4 series convertible correctly but feel free to pm or text me what you’re looking for and I can help you

Just as Alex said, not on the 330. Only on the 530e and i3 for BMW.

Added some photos and extra info for clarity to answer some frequently asked questions!

Any x6 offers by chance?

Just private messaged you!

Anything offers on the X3?

Sent you a message!

Can I get some info on 2018 x3 loaner/ demo? Thanks

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