SoCal BMW i8 BLOWOUT: Coupe & Convertible


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Let me know if you’re interested, pm me or text at (714) 881-2719 or (949) 524-9543


  1. Can I have additional info?
    It’s laid out in the ad.

  2. Can I stack college grad and OL and USAA?
    Yes, 1k for grad, 500 for OL, and 250 for USAA.

  3. Can I do 12k/15k?
    Yes, 1% residual adjustment for 12k, 3% for 15k

  4. Is there conquest?
    Conquest is only on certain cars and it is typically less than loyalty so payments will go up a tad. Does not stack with loyalty. Any non-BMW vehicle qualifies.

  5. Can I have pictures?
    Due to nature of these deals, I cannot provide that.

  6. Do you have other cars like this?
    It would be at an additional cost for a color/option of your choice. I post the most aggressively priced vehicles as specials.

  7. If my brother’s pet dog’s friend’s owner has a BMW, does that count for loyalty?
    BMW loyalty is exclusively reserved for in household owners of BMW. Must be the same address. No I cannot just get you loyalty, please stop asking.

  8. Can it be shipped?

  9. Do you charge an additional broker fee?
    No! All fees included!

  10. Which dealer is this located?
    Each car is located at one of our in-network dealers across SoCal. Due to phone calls our dealers have received, I cannot disclose dealer info without customer commitment.

  11. Do you guys work with other manufacturers?
    We do!
    Acura - BMW - Infiniti - Hyundai - Rolls-Royce

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Message sent!

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Lock me in on the i8. Coming tonight to pick up the gray! Thanks for the aggressive pricing. I guess my 911 will be in the garage for the next 2 years. Lol.

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The sophisto grey is all yours! It’s a gorgeous color combo :smile:

Why you don’t do out of state? :(((

Just got some more coupes in!

When you say $2k drive off + MSDs, is that all inclusive, including registration, BMW lease inception fee, etc? So total due at signing $2000 + 6300 =8300?


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Yes that’s what I paid (minus extras like usaa and ol code that I had). No hidden fees, I had a good experience w lease hero.


Yes. Picked up a vert for my friend couple days ago. Thanks @LeaseHero !


Yes all inclusive as always with our pricing :blush:

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Thanks, great deal. I texted you, let’s talk tomorrow, or Monday if you’re taking the weekend off. First choice is white with blue accents, beyond that don’t really care about options.

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This are crazy deals! I had asked my Porsche dealer to give me a quote for a very base cayman. Even with 7% off the MSRP he gave me for 36/5k miles and 3k out of pocket a monthly payment of 950 dollars for a 65k car!! Now compare my Porsche deal with these crazy BMW deals!

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Calculator shows 10k but listing says 7500 miles.

Calculator has no option for 7500! Residual is for 7.5k

Got it! Thanks!

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Man, was really getting excited until I saw no out of state customers. Killer deals!

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Interesting that 10k costs 64/mo. Over the course of 24 mos, that’s 1536. But 30c/mile overage x 5000 miles is 1500 and that’s if you do exactly 20k. It’s cheaper to go for 7500 and pay as you go.

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Tax maybe?

Ya at 9% that’s 135 or about 100 more for 10k when you pay as you go. But anything short of 9666 miles and it’s cheaper that way.

How crazy is insurance on these things? (I’d have to imagine a $150k plugin sports car gets some interesting rates)