SoCal BMW Specials: 3 Series, 4 Series, X2, X3, 5 Series, 750i, 650i Convertible, i8 , Alpina B7, X7 (APRIL)

PM/text me with what options/colors you were interested in and I can work some numbers out for you!

330e SOLD, the 320i and 530i are still available. I have updated the ad accordingly.

JUST ADDED a crazy optioned out X5!

Very nice X5, now is that an executive demo or loaner car?

Neither, its an Unwind, super low mileage. Some sort of weird arrangement where the client took the car for one or two days and ended up getting declined for financing.

Ah okay… don’t typically see those cars in loaner, which is why I was curious! GLWS

EDIT: I should add, this level of spec

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Due to popular demand on my previous 330e loaner, I posted a NEW 330e at an even more aggressive price. It’s brand new so you’ll be able to use BMW CCA rebate for this vehicle as well.


Added another X3 loaner!

Uh… where u posting these?

I’m updating the original ad with them, are they not appearing?

I see them fine.

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Any manuals?

Unfortunately not, I wish :frowning:

What’s the sale price of the unwind x5 to get you to that payment

11% off before incentives, Car is currently pending sale

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That X5e is for a very close friend of mine. @LeaseHero has been super helpful. Picking it up tomorrow.


Besides BMWCCA rebate don’t forget $1000 SCE or other rebates on the PHEVs.

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Added crazy specials on a 2019 7 series and i8, 330e and x5e are currently PENDING

Er it says white Exterior on the i8 but pic shows differently?

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Fixed thanks!