Lease swap my M5 for new ride of 2019 Alpina B7

im opting out of this convo. you are either in a bad mood or just not so nice. i will let you teach everyone on the forum how to do deals.

It’s about time someone called out your trolling. Couldn’t hack jack as of March but now suddenly you’re a jedi-level hackr shitting on everyone else’s deals.


Not everyone here is entitled to hack a unicorn. As long as people are benefiting by gaining proper knowledge and education about leasing, and getting a GREAT deal, (notice emphasis on GREAT) its all good.
Forum is here to provide knowledge to everyone, whether its a first time leaser or a pro has been leasing for decades.


its not about being a unicorn though. how would you rate this deal mani?

it looks like the other deal is still live fyi

Honestly, you cant compare this to any other bmw model at the moment. It is not a 3 series which are flying off of shelves like the newest video game. These cars are exclusive editions targeted to a specific client market. RV is the lowest set out of all the other models which are in the 60s…

this was the one i saw fyi:

Anyway yeah it may not be the most hacked deal but given that it’s super rare and you got exactly the car you wanted, enjoy it. I’ve never actually even seen one of these in person but they sound impressive.

Also would like to add, its probably a 1% deal if you take out the tire wheel isnurance and switch miles down to 10k. But again, these cars are super rare with many dealers having 1 or even none.

Not a bad deal for that sweet ride.

They are one of a kind for the most part and you know it when you see it.

Well done, you’ll have an amazing three years with it!!

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That deal is for 7500 miles and has $3k DAS. Increase to 12k, knock off $500 DAS, and add the wheel protection, and these are damned near the same. And that’s not even mentioning the fact that the other deal doesn’t list the exact MSRP, so it could be a lower MSRP.

tire protection is included in this monthly payment? i didnt realize that. anyway nice car - my bad for not realizing.

legit just trying to troll the guy… no reason to post that.

I’m just here for the pictures of this beauty. Where are they?!

I got my M5 because of trading a 2018 AMG E63S wagon that was way too bumpy for my family. It had huge negative equity (60k plus due to 47 month left).

So, the BMW dealer helped to digest about 30k and rolled in 15k into my fully loaded M5 with MSRP of 131k to begin with (I took 15k impact). After all that, the monthly payment was $1800.

If there was no trade in of wagon, I think the payment of M5 should be around $1500 a month. Most of good deal M5 (without ceramic brake) was around 1260 to 1400.

The B7 is with Belvet blue color optioned with $5200 and leather option of $4000. Except the special edition or custom build, there is almost no B7 with this msrp. I think that’s the reason the car was sitting in lot for at least 6 month. So, this deal was helping dealer resolve inventory and helping me to have more joy in my car. For M5, I do miss the acceleration (2.6 sec 0-60 and 10.76 quarter mile time clocked by GPS) and fun when driving aggressively…:slight_smile:

I really appreciate the dealer made extra efforts to get this car by dealer trade due to small number of 2019 B7 out there! I bought him a nice pen to show my appreciation while signing documents. This also is my first time getting a car to have the sales manager not finance manager sign paper work with me.


Beautiful car congrats though I’m surprised you bored of an E63s that quickly.

Someone at my work drives a B6, some forest green color I’ve never seen on another BMW, drool over it every time I see it parked. Alpina are special cars, and very under the radar.

Wow. BMW is in quite a large market segment from 175/month X2s to 1750/month Alpinas…

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I was quite happy with E63. It is powerful and loud…:-). However, suspension was so firm. Much more so than my previous ones. My wife and daughters couldn’t bear the ride. It took me 3 weeks of long thought to commit trading her in.

I think the color you were referring to is British Green.

The other dealer actually offered me slight better deal with a $166,395 car. That one is British Green also is $5200 special option not on normal list.

I didn’t take because the original sales manager went so far to get my Velvet blue B7 by dealer trade. I apologized to the other gentleman and bought him a pen as well.