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Hi Everyone!

We post specials on a variety of online sources such as Leasehackr, Instagram, Facebook, etc, but if you are interested in a specific car that is not listed, please do not hesitate to ask as we can always work out an aggressive deal for you. Our network of dealerships span various manufacturers and our current service area is primarily Southern California (looking to expand in the near future).

All broker fees are included in our advertised pricing as the dealer pays us directly. No hidden fees, no extras. We look forward to working with many more satisfied clients! Feel free to contact either of us anytime via call/text/email if you’re looking to get into a car soon!

When inquiring, please provide:

  • Full Name, Number, and E-mail
  • Zip code (we currently only service California residents)
  • Type of Car, Must have options/packages, Color preferences
  • Goal Payment (this is to gauge if your expectations are realistic, if we can get cheaper, we will)
  • Incentives you qualify for (Loyalty, Conquest, Recent College Grad, Military, Fleet)
  • Term (period of time and mileage)

We now have special spreadsheet pricing for BMW and Lexus, call/text/pm us for the links!

Current Specials

BMW - Lexus - Mercedes-Benz - Rolls-Royce


Justin M. (949) 524-9543

Arya Kesha (714) 881-2719

Lease Hero LLC Website

Facebook - Instagram - Yelp

LH Color-100


Why not post specials here? No facebook for me or instagram.

I do post specials here! I have about 4-5 cars posted currently in my topics. If you’d like, I can pm you each one for your convenience!

Yeah sorry, I just checked your post history. I have a lease ending in June, so perhaps I may reach out!

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No worries! Look forward to hearing from you in June!

Kesha has posted some solid BMW deals lately. Excited for this new chapter!


Thanks so much for the kind words! Maybe one of these deals will be in your driveway next :wink:

PM him. Let’s keep this thread for reviews only!

Got a 2018 Bmw 540i lease through Kesha. He is a wonderful person to work with and made the whole experience effortless. I’d recommend Kesha, or now LeaseHero, to anyone in the market for a new car. He will do his best to get you the exact car that you are looking for, even if it requires more work on his end.

-G. Singh


It was a pleasure working for you Mr. Singh and I hope you’re enjoying your 540i!

Lease Hero LLC

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Worked with Arya to lease an X2, incredibly effortless experience! Easiest car transaction I ever had! Highly recommended.

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Pleasure working with you! Smooth from both ends, thank you for your business.

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I’m happy customer. Worked with Lease Hero for the first time. It was truly a please. Honest, quick, and save me a ton of money. I had a very strict budget. Immediately had a few great options to choose from. After making my decision, the next day I was picking up the car. I’ll definitley be in touch soon for my next lease :slight_smile:


Thank you for the review! We’ll be ready for you for that next lease :smiley:

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Would be great to know the details of the lease!

I helped him with a 328d. He contacted me from the following post looking for a more optioned 328d (one with heated seats) and let me know he was willing to pay a little more and we took care of him!

Can’t speak highly enough of working with LeaseHero to obtain my BMW X2: SOLD 2018 BMW X2 sdrive28i Loaner

Take it from someone who hates just about everything to do with the car buying process, Lease Hero made it easy and was always there to help me out when I had questions. This is on top of what I think is a great deal.

Will be contacting Lease Hero again when I am next in the market for a vehicle.

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Thank you for the kind words! It was a pleasure serving you.

Great experience with Lease Hero! Super responsive, quick, and beat all pricing when I shopped around. Definitely using them in the future

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It was a pleasure working for you! Thanks for the review!