Signed: 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC 350e - MSRP $56,645 - $331 per month - MSDs Only DAS

2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC 350e - ex loaner

MSRP: $55,795 + 850 ppm = $56,645 (added ppm in here for residual purposes)
Selling Price: $40,xxx (~27% off with most incentives baked in)
Base Monthly Payment: $304
Tax: 9% - brings payment to $331
Cash Due at Signing: $4,000 (MSDs Only)
MSD: 10
Incentives: $4460 federal credit, $2000 summer event, $1000 pop up store, $331 first month payment waiver program = $7791

Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 10,000
Effective MF: .00044
Residual: $34,176

Leasehackr Score ~ 15.1

Region: Northern California

My total lease cost is around 7600 (331 * 23) (minus disposition fee) and my leasehackr score is around 15.1, which is pretty solid for Benz.

Another thing to mention, I was chatting with the finance manager and he offered to throw in ppm at “no cost” which of course I said yes to. Once I looked at the updated deal sheet, he added in a cap cost reduction in the same amount as my payment (~331), which happens to offset the cost of ppm once it’s residualized. I searched around and found that Benz is running a first month waiver program on a few 2019 models this month (C 300W, C 300W4, GLC 300W, GLC 300W4, GLC 350E4, GLA 250W, GLA 250W4): . They were able to stack this waiver on top of everything else. I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere else in the forums so thought I’d call it out here. I wasn’t interested in getting ppm initially, and had I known about this waiver beforehand it would sweetened the deal even more for me, would’ve been a 2xx monthly payment! But I was happy with the deal I was getting already, and appreciated the finance guy technically keeping some more dollars in my pocket.

Happy hacking!


That’s a great deal. Congrats and enjoy the vehicle.

Man I am so jealous of all these 350e deals and most of them being in CA. I need me one of these in the south…

Enjoy your Benz!

Great deal!

What dealer was this from? if you don’t feel like sharing you can drop me a pm (your profile says hidden so I can’t pm you)

best I could find was around ~430 before tax so feel like I was missing something here

Is the Federal credit a national incentive?

Nice job!

Would you mind PMing whuchbdealer you went to? I’d be curious to try for a similar deal.


Great deal.
Congratulations on your new ride!

Nice deal! Going to try and get this in Dec for my mother.

Congrats! This is awesome deal. You may also get $800 PG&E rebate if you are PG&E customer and HOV carpool sticker as well.

I’m not from California or else I would have :slight_smile:

Very nice deal!!! Might be the best GLC deal I’ve seen here yet.

I had a similar experience where the dealer; instead of removing a waived cap cost they snuck a bullshit insurance package for a profit play.

I didn’t notice and signed. Lesson learned and future business lost.

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Best deal I’ve seen so far is:


I can’t figure out how the numbers work on that deal. It says 12 LH, but it does not add up for me…

Same here, but who knows lol

OK well since it doesn’t make sense it is invalid and this is the best GLC deal I’ve seen. :slight_smile:

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The $4000 due at signing, since it’s MSD, does it mean that the amount will be refunded to lessor at the end?

very nice deal GLC 350e. which part of North California are u at?

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That’s correct!

I’m not from California, this was an out of state deal.

What is the current miles on this " **2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC 350e Ex-Loaner"