Singed 2019 Mercedes GLC 350E | $400 incl. tax, $986DAS, one-pay or 10 MSD - SoCal

2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC 350e - new
MSRP: $56990
Sell price:$43014
Monthly Payment: $400 include 9.25% tax
Drive-Off Amount: $986 (a trick in the number, explain below)
Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: 0.00054 (Not too sure) one pay or 10 MSD
Residual: 63% (Not too sure)

I like to share this deal when I saw the post from @pickelz. I think I got a good deal but not great. The dealer is not honest but the number initially met my expectation. If I knew Benz had a first-month waiver program I may ask more discount. Please refer here Signed: 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC 350e - MSRP $56,645 - $331 per month - MSDs Only DAS

Trick number one: When I signed the form from sales initially. I found a typo in my email address on a printed paper. I pointed it out, but he said please just sign and he would fix it later. I just signed then the way he fixed was just put the white tape on the additional char on the paper, not fixed in the computer system. The purpose of that I guess is to prevent me to receive MB survey because he knew I would figure out the tricks later.

Trick number two When I worked with finance guy, I found the monthly payment was $413, then I found out MB has a first-month waiver program. I refused to sign, the sales came and explain that the deal we all agreed on was $986 as sign-off then $400 per month include tax. This was just the way they can make up the deal. The number 986 was a make-up number because of the first-month credit program. The DMV fee + $400 is less than $986, so I believe the deal adds some small number on top of the cap cost.

Trick number three: When I purchase Pre-Parid maintenance plan, the finance guy add $1050 for two years. I questioned on the number and he said MB just increased the price. I found out on MB website when I got home. It’s actually $850. But it’s too late, I signed already.

I did one-pay for my personal reason, the totally cost for two years is about $107xx. (include ppm)

Beware of these dealership tricks and have a happy hacking.


Thanks for the shout out. Not a bad deal for a brand new car (mine was an ex loaner). I’m glad you identified your mistakes, just improve on the next lease. Till then, enjoy your car!

Thanks @pickelz! Overall, it was still a great experience. Definitely will improve on next lease

Great deal and thanks for the warnings! More info about the summer event for the first month waiver:

*Offer valid for select vehicles contracted between August 1, 2019 – September 3, 2019. This first payment offer is only valid on 2019 GLC 300, GLC 300 4MATIC®, GLC 350e 4MATIC®, C 300 Sedan, C 300 4MATIC® Sedan, GLA 250 and GLA 250 4MATIC®. Offer only valid for retail or leased vehicles financed through Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. Subject to credit approval. Please see dealer for full program details.

where on the MB website did you find the cost of PPM?


Just build a car and the last step is to select pre-paid maintenance package with price listed. it shows $850 for two years.

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Cool. Thank you!

I talked to a MB sale person, they said I am eligible for Employee Fleet program, how much I can get discount, any idea. or its sales trick

Can’t you cancel the pre-paid maintenance if unused or within certain time period? Honestly, in 24 months (10k miles annually), not sure what type of maintenance you’d require that would set you back $1050… Then again, I’m not entirely sure about MB’s typical maintenance costs.

I talk to a dealer and one pay i am getting 12813.19 i.e. 426*24 = 10224, extra 2589.19 may be tax.
12k/24 months

Can someone guide me on this deal

I don’t think it can be cancelled once add PPM into the lease. Bc we only pay residual value of the PPM plan. For example, two year plan cost $850 and you only pay 850 x 64% = 554. In my case, they mark up to $1050, so I paid $6xx which is just round $100 more.

Thank you for the warnings.
This is one industry where price transparency hasn’t changed in 100 years. The buyer always comes back home feeling cheated.

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That’s true. Overall, it’s still a great experience to me.

I don’t think the ppm is residualized. Check your numbers again

$986 + $400 x 23 + $552 = $10738. The PPM is $552 for me, not I mentioned before.

Is this HOI MB?
Did a deal for my friend the F&I guy was sketchy as hell.

I am in OC and am planning to lease the same car! You got a great deal. May I ask which MB in SoCal?

Thanks @kekedou I signed a lease for 24/12k for $12750 one pay (includes PPM) everything.
MSRP: 58195.00
Selling Price: 44528.00

I don’t know what all incentives baked In (include fleet 2.5k). its norcal

Can you share how to find such deals? I checked a few dealer’s inventory and it seems the inventory is low.

@suresha143 : Where in Norcal? I would love to get the same deal. Thx in advance