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Tesla auto-pilot keeps confusing moon with traffic light then slowing down : Wellthatsucks (

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I’m getting an error when trying to put my CC info in. I’ll try again tomorrow jic it’s on my end


Well whadaya know, ALL BMW drivers are the same-by some logic circling on LH :joy:

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Sorry I was away doing what boomers do: trying to whittle down our huge piles of money.

@njc is still on it? I was away for three days and he/she/they are still gnawing this bone?

You’re way off but i also cannot see why… That market is ridiculous now because of the shortage. To give you an example. I leased my Genesis G70 last october. I have an offer to buy where I can make over 7k. So I thought I’d take out a new lease for the same exact car and they’re quoting me at around 600-700 despite much better credit when i pay $400 now. It’s wild.

Same. I got my Gladiator back in Oct $399 with nothing due at signing, just my signature. 45k sticker price. My cousin is trying to get one now and they are over $700.

high five for the good timing!

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Delete the post instead of saying “see above”. Odd thing to do.

Genuinely wondering where I can learn a trade quickly and enter the market at $50/h. I’d love to jump at the opportunity. Not afraid to get my hands dirty or work hard.

Given @Jrouleau426 and his Pennsylvania roots, Shale gas mining comes to mind. I’ve seen young guys with little to no qualifications who were making close to 6 figures out of the gate.


Find a way into a union trade. 3 years of school then 50/hr and good bennies. Can choose to get layed off 3 months of the year or you can do endless overtime and make bank. They pay for school and you work during that making 15-25/hr the first 2-3 years.


While I do agree in theory that union trade is great way to earn a living, it’s not always that easy to get into the unions themselves.

Let me start by agreeing with your last statement. There is definitely opportunity everywhere. I can only speak to my experience, but college + hard work + determination + support has made it possible for me to be able to drive an Audi today. LH does also get some of the credit.

I am not going to crap on anyone, but not everyone can be a YouTube Millionaire.

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Plumbing is an incredible trade to get into at the moment — really anything with home building.

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HVAC, finish carpentry, drywall, plumbing/irrigation, electrical, solar/PV…endless list with countless job openings.

@Jrouleau426 @NATO Thanks for the replies! I am still kinda in the process of figuring things out so this is good to know.

Go for it man! Best wishes of success to you :slightly_smiling_face:

What a sweet deal plus got exactly what you wanted. May I ask what your total drive off was (not including shipping). And was that 469 with or without tax?

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