Michigan GMC/Buick Deals [March Update]

Trying something new here, let’s see how this goes…

  • This is not a broker ad. I am not collecting any fees from anyone, this is just a shared deal.
  • Michigan residents only (6% state sales tax)
  • Please PM me for dealer contact info.
  • Obviously, these numbers are only valid if they have the exact same MSRP vehicle in stock. Different MSRP = different payment.
  • Note the specific trim level; GM often varies MF/RV/incentives by trim
  • These are non-negotiable. Changing MSRP will change payment but that’s it. Think of it as a broker ad without a broker fee.

Here are some ‘deals of the month’ from my local GMC/Buick sales contact. Anyone with a supplier/GM friends discount can get these deals with no negotiation. My interaction with her and this dealership was very straightforward, no BS - and no other area dealer would match her quotes, so I don’t have any qualms with posting what she sends me. I figure that this is more informative than a dealer ad as these are actually replicable, and can show us which GMC/Buick products have good incentives this month.

I’m just going to update the thread every month with whatever she sends me. Again, I’m not a broker and this is just helpful information. I was going to try to replicate each in the LH Calculator but that seems like a big time investment for nothing :rofl:

March 2020 GMC/Buick Deals

March Lease Offers for GM Supplier with current lease in household.

GMC Terrain FWD SLE - 39 month lease with 10k miles per year
$225/mo + tax with $2000 Due at Signing

GMC Acadia FWD SLE - 36 month lease with 10k miles per year
$254/mo + tax with $2000 Due at Signing

GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab SLE Diesel 3.0L Turbo
24 month lease with 10k miles per year
$345/mo + tax with $2000 Due at Signing

Buick Encore FWD Preferred
24 month lease with 10k miles per year
$184/mo + tax with $2000 Due at Signing

Buick Envision FWD Preferred
39 month lease with 10k miles per year
$271/mo + tax with $2000 Due at Signing


Must qualify for GM Supplier or GM Friends Discount and have a current GM or NON GM 2014 or newer vehicle leased to household. Payment plus tax. Plus License Plate. A1 Credit Approval through GMF. Sale Ends 3/31/2020


Killer Yukon deal!


I just just looking at some of the local Buick dealers here in michigan. Jim Causley to be specific. Nice looking prices on the Encore. Never driven one, that may be step one.

Yeah I asked her to double check that number because I’ve yet to see a decent Yukon deal. GMF incentives look to be $7k in MI.

They’re alright, it drove better than I expected. IMO the Terrain is worth the extra money. For $100/mo I’d be all over an Encore. But only a few bucks less a month than a Terrain doesn’t seem like a good value proposition…

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Fair. I’ll look into the Terrain as well.

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Do you know if you can roll the das into payments for a true zero drive off?

Of course. You can structure any lease deal however you want. You can pay $0 at signing or one pay the entire lease. I put the approximate sign and drive numbers in parenthesis, but obviously they’ll be slightly different due to rent charge and tax

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Very generous with no broker fee! Bravo! Personally, I’d ask the person to donate to Leasehackr to help keep the forum an amazing place


There’s a dealer fee built into the DAS. MI caps fees at 230 or 240, it seems to change every 6 months lately.

Let’s see how many minis she gets from this before I ask about donating :rofl:

Broker fee er not dealer fee

Bud you have the wrong incentives highlighted. Those are purchase incentives. The ones inder 24, 36 and 48 month columns are for lease. Also the first one $2000 is correct and to some who dont have loyalty, the $1500 competitive lease rebate applies but must have a non GM lease in household. NOTICE that for competitive lease you must show proof of non GM lease via monthly lease statement or a copy of ur current non GM lease agreement which is in effect.


I’m in Grosse Pointe. I’d love some additional info!

Programs expired July 31.

I will post new ones when I get them.

Waiting on you, my Acadia goes back Oct 6th but will be turning in ASAP since I’m over on miles. I have GM employee discount so things will get interesting. I am in the market for an SUV from a Terrain to a Yukon. Anything that has AWD.


August deals added.

Everything got cheaper :slight_smile:

Chrishs2000, can you tell me where you’re getting this? I’m in MI and in the market for a Yukon. Feel free to PM me the salesperson. I’ll tell them you sent me, blah blah.

Instead of you asking him to PM you, why don’t you just PM him instead since he has what you want.

Edit: NM…appears you did

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It’s my bad, I missed a PM he sent me a couple weeks ago!

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Wrongfully accused again

Updated for September. Yukon and Sierra numbers are the best I’ve seen!