Guidelines for Review Pages

The purpose of a review page is to establish the reputability of your business and to enhance your visibility, as having a review page is the only way your profile would show up in Find A Seller. A review page is required for Brokers and encouraged for Dealers and Services.

1. Review Page Title

Review page titles shall follow the following format. No emojis or all caps, please:

Name - Business Type - Region

John_Smith - Honda Dealer - Southern California
ABC Leasing - Broker - Northeast, South, and Nationwide Shipping

2. Required Tags

The following tags are required for your Review page:

3. Review Page Content

All Review pages shall include the following information in the first post:

  • Region(s) serviced
  • Vehicle brands sold
  • Fee amount or fee range (if applicable)
  • Clear instructions on how to be reached
  • Number of months/years in business
  • Broker license and bond information (if available)

Dealers and Brokers are encouraged to include a complete listing of active Marketplace topics in their Review page first post so that consumers can easily find their deals.

Brokers are encouraged to clarify whether they only broker specific vehicles listed on their Marketplace ads, or whether they take on more general requests for assistance with leasing a car.

4. Link in bio

Please include a link to your Review Page on your user card and profile. See “Featured Topic” link example below:

To set up a Featured Topic, click on Preferences, then Profile, then Featured Topic.

5. Compensation for Reviews

Businesses shall not pay, discount the fee for their services, or otherwise compensate customers for writing reviews on their respective review page.

6. Guidelines for Reviewers

Replies should be limited to reviews for services rendered or attempted to be rendered, rather than general comments for the business unrelated to a transaction. Additionally, reviews should be posted natively on Leasehackr (not linked from a third-party such as Yelp).


Just curious, why the title format requirement removed? It was nice to easily read a simple, uniform format.

Review page titles shall follow the following format:

Name - business type - states/region
Example: **“ABC Brokers - Broker - NY, NJ, and CT”**or "John_Smith - Honda Dealer - CA"
No emojis or all caps
Brands should be listed as tags

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