Good deal or bad?


I put $700 Dp on honda pilot 2019 EXL with a $920 a month for 36months lease. 608 credit score. What u guys think?

I really hope you’re joking.


Well… I can see how you got that credit score… christ.


Seriously. Thats Range Rover Sport / BMW X7 / GLS450 / Escalade kinda money.


Since I like playing this game.

at $700 down and $920 a month for 36 months. You are paying $34,000 to borrow the car for 36 months.

Assuming you have an MSRP of $42k (I specced out the highest EX-L i could find on hondas website). That means even if you had zero discounts and zero dealer discount, in 3 years if you financed the car at literally the same payment ($42k, zero down, 3% interest rate and 48 months, is $932 a month) you would have paid down $33,500 on the car, and only had $10k left on your loan if you went to trade it in. KBB shows that an average trade in on a 3 year old EX-L is around $25k.

So you would have $15,000 in equity to roll into a new car, or to take out and put in your pocket while you do another cheap lease.


Great deal! Is this still available?? PM dealer info!


If you sign/signed this I’ve got some fanboat accessible land to sell you with water views and picturesque wildlife.


This is good analysis. Without knowing what’s behind the 608 score, it’s more likely the interest rate would be 20-25%, if they would even finance him, which does change the calculation a bit.

Still, this is terrible and I think you should consider whether you need this car. A better solution would be to buy something cheap and rebuild your credit/savings.


“I put” implies that he has a $920 payment coming up on July 30 and every month thereafter until mid 2022 :popcorn:


I’d find a burning building to put it next to before I wrote that check.


Felony insurance fraud prolly not gonna help that 608 credit score…


Credit might be clean by the time you get out of prison. :slight_smile:


Well regardless, I’m happy that my friend Ron from NJ can finally rest easy knowing that his Accord Hybrid Touring is no longer the worst lease deal in the history of this forum.


Honestly I’m curious how they even got you to $920. Looking at RV and MF you must have paid over sticker, purchased every product in F&I, and still got pounded on rate.

Are we missing something? Is this a fleet deal for 3 Pilots? Negative equity? Negative equity and another Pilot? :face_with_monocle:


Thank you sir. What can we do the damage has already done. I told them we were looking for a used car honda pilot 2016. But they said why would i want an used car the interest will be the same. I felt i was taking adavantage through the process since i have know idea.anyways thank you for everyones opinion!.

Im not joking bro…i guess they did me good with the monthly.

Because of the credit score we had. And they even want us to put mor DP $3,500 so that the bank wil qualify us to lease. I wasnt expecting this

Taken advantage of during the process??? You entered the dealer on your own will…you engaged in negotiations on your own will…the dealer presented on offer to you which you listened to and accepted on your own will. You weren’t taken advantaged of, you just lack skills / necessary information to formulate a better plan then a 900 payment for a 40k car. I hate car dealers…but you did this to yoursrlf

Yes your right. We went to the dealership just to inquire about a vehicle and my mistake was i went to the dealership unprepared and a little knowledge. Yea they presented us with the price when we were at the financed department.

So learn from it…no information…bad credit score…needing a new car. All big no no’s to getting a good deal. Stop w the excuses of they took advantage of me and just admit you made a poor decision that will cost you money. From there you gain the knowledge…the credit score…and the preparation to not be needy and things will be better