Chevy Vick - Bolt EV EUV 2023 Reservations Open - 408-755-6584

THANKS FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT! We made it to be the Number 1 volume dealership in Norcal and the Number 1 Bolt dealer IN 2020!

Chevy Vick
Stevens Creek Chevrolet

One more addition to the below that I cannot emphasize enough on … PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU QUALIFY FOR , unfortunately I do not have psychic powers so I do not know if you have a current lease or supplier ETC. :wink:

I do not give numbers or communicate fully until I check my CRM that you have not communicated with anyone at my store in the past 72 hours.

If you do not provide me with the following below, it WILL delay you

Hi I am missing your

Phone number
Zip code
Stock number from (DO NOT FILL OUT A LEAD)

Once provided, I will give you numbers


Chevy Vick
Stevens Creek Chevrolet


Howdy Vick! Welcome to LH!
Looking forward to some blowout deals.

Hello Vick!
Okay, I will bite!
Based on all the advice from this forum, was leaning on getting a pilot.
But many of us would benefit to hear about what you can do a traverse LT leather!

Hi Vick, Amazing Bolt Onepays from SoCal dealers - what can you do there?


Thank you. Glad to be here!

@kingsintown please email me the stock number you’d like me to run numbers on and then we can publish!

Anything on rst crew cabs? 2wd or 4wd min DAS . 10k a year

@inform1ar we get pretty aggressive here as well. Are you looking for an LT or Premier ? Shoot me over an email text or private message and I can help!

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@skinniboy here are the remaining RST’s

Text email or message me which one you have. Also let me know if you are a Costco member.


Welcome to LH!

Since several of the incentives were set to expire yesterday, can you tell us what the incentives are now on Bolts?

Did the $1400 Bay Area incentive get extended?

What about the $1500 lease loyalty/conquest?



Autobytel updated overnight…same incentives!

Quoted ~$6100 for a one-pay Trax for 24/10. Too steep for me to bite. Incentives - Supplier, conquest/loyalty.

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@49er incentives remain the same as did the money factor however the residual has dropped quite a bit. It may be due to the market being flooded with lease returns, but that’s just a theory in my head.

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@Gearhead yeah this months MF changed a bit. Would be nice to have more incentives on the Trax


Can you give us the new RV’s for 10, 12 and 15K please? Cheers!

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2020 Bolt EV
10k - 50%
12k - 49%
15k - 47%


Ouch! Sure appreciate it!

are these RV’s for 3 years?

@mig1 correct 36 month lease

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2% drop from 10k->12k but only 1% drop from 12k->15k?