SF Bay Area: 2021 Bolt EV Premier - OnePay 8800 36mo/45k

Hey all so I haven’t yet gotten the exact figures for the lease but for a 21 Chevy Bolt Premier, I currently have a deal available to me for 8800 OnePay.

It comes out to about $245/mo with the $2k rebate still to come. I feel like Ive only seen deals for the lower mileage 10k. Can anyone rate my deal?

What make & model is this?

Im an idiot. Chevy Bolt

You should check in with @CaliZ06 to see what kind of deal he can get you. Based on his thread, his Bolt’s may be cheaper…

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Should be more around the7k range with 15k miles

For the premier even?

Likely. Do you have costco?

Yes. I also have a current lease with Chevy from 2019. My parents got to use my Bolt for a little bit and they love it and after their car got totaled, they now need a new car. I convinced them to just lease for now as I think the choices in the EV market are about to increase over the next three years.

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Reach out to @CaliZ06 in the marketplace

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Thank you, I reached out to him via text.

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