Overpriced but high incentive 2021 Bolt? or 2022 EV Bolt?

My currently lease is ending soon and I need a car for replacement. I just missed the 2021 EV Bolt $147/month $0 down deal. Here’s what I got for now

Option 1: 2021 Chevrolet Bolt EV

MSRP: $44,235
Selling Price: $45,235
Rebate Total: $13,900 (which is a lot)

Monthly Payment with $2,000 down: $326 (Tax included, 36m,10,000)

Option 2: 2022 EV Bolt

MSRP: $31,995
Rebate Total: $4,500

Monthly payment with $3,500 down pay = $322.3 (Tax included, 36m,10,000)

Location: CA

I know the 2021 bolt msrp is wayyyyyy too over priced, but it is really hard to catch the last deal since costco’s rebate ends on Aug 2. Does it make sense for me to go for the 2021? Or should I pay just a little more and get the 2022 bolt? Or are there any other good EV (I don’t really care which model or brand it is) deals out there? Thank you very very much! Appreciate it!

I won’t comment on the monthly but # 1 has to have a ton more options than #2 which seems to be a base model.

With downpayment, these Bolts are over 400 a month. Sorry, a fire prone Bolt is not worth $400.


Fire prone Bolts are pre 2020
2020+ with different slightly larger battery packs aren’t affected.

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Absolutely nobody should be paying markup for a Bolt, especially last year’s model.


What’s the EUV going for? There’s a model with a sunroof.

And honestly Both options really stink. $375/month for 2021 and $420 for the other? ick.
Take a little trip up to San Fran and there’s a really good deal up there on a 2022


Yikes, both terrible deals. The dealer is trying to sell you a 2021 over MSRP? :rofl:

As you’ve noted, you’d be paying well over double what many others paid for these as recently as a few months ago. And trust me, the older Bolt isn’t a $350+/mo car. What’s the EUV going for? At least that has a fresh design.

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Look into Niro EV or Kona EV. I think they are better alternatives than Bolt at the same price point if not cheaper lately (VS 2022 EUV).
The ONLY reason Bolt was fire is they were dirt cheap to the point that they could almost be free

I think there are a couple of 2020 Niros lying around CA, but the 2021’s (Niro and Kona) are pretty much gone.

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I see quite a few on Cargurus, not sure if they are still actually in stock.
'20s does make great leases. Niro has like $14k incentives plus the $1,500, if there’s any decent discount to be had it’s sub $300 range with inceptions due

Did you look at the 2022 Bolt deals from Nocal in the Marketplace?

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Just posted my Bolt Spreadsheet

Where’d you post it? I’m getting offered $360/month, 10k/ 36 right now and I’m trying to see if it’s a good deal or not. (2LT in SoCal)

Here are my monthly pays

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And these are with or without tax included?

Without. Tax depends on where you register the vehicle so I’m not able to guess that.

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