New to leasehackr: Signed a 2021 Chevy Bolt Premier for $6,500 OnePay / 10K miles a year / 8.5% off MSRP

No costco incentive?

Breakdown of your incentives?

Where can I find this info?

It will be something like…
13,400 Incentive is made of
$3000 Costco
$7000 GM
$1500 California…etc

Enjoy the new car.


I believe this is the breakdown below. Still no answers though, did I get a good deal??

–7,000 lease cash
–3,000 costco
–1,400 select market
–1,500 loyalty
–500 supplier

You paid $6.5k for a Premier? Oh heck yah you got a good deal.

LOL! Now I wonder…what would he have paid if he knew about leasehackr?..

Yeah pretty good deal. Especially compared to the midwest, we don’t get the Cali discounts, and I don’t have loyalty and I’d still probably go with one for a cheap work/airport shuttle. It’s Covid-time so I don’t do either, and probably won’t since we’ve learned to live with out it…

You could maybe have squeezed out some more from the dealer, but they know what they have in hand.

If you can live with the seats, good on ya.

Can you share the dealer info? I am also looking for…in norcal

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get one from @ChevyPhil or @CaliZ06 . Both are very active on the forums.

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I am new to leasing. If you are quoted $250.00/month (including taxes and fees) for 36 months with $0 down for a total of $9,000.00 in lease payments for a Bolt Premier with 15K miles/year, is that good?

What would be a realistic One Pay Lease Payment for that deal?

I am always ready! Here at the dealership now =)

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Looks like a great deal. Who was your dealer? I am also looking for a Chevy Bolt EV in NorCal

Supplier goes into the price, you got a great deal

Here are the rebates you got:
Total Incentives - $13,400
$5,000 GM Financial Lease Cash
$3,000 Costco
$1,400 CCR
$1,000 CCR
$1,500 Lease Loyalty/Conquest
$1,500 CCFR