Best lease deal with spacious 3rd row SUV in June-2021?

Then one parent has to climb fully or half way into the third row to harness the 3yr old.

And the 3yr old might throw a fit about being left alone back there while everyone else gets to ride “upfront”.

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Captains chairs don’t really solve ingress/egress problems

You and the OP both need to post on the car seat forums for some recommendations for both seats and vehicles that will be the least worst solution.

Then come back here to see which of those vehicles can be leased or purchased without breaking the bank.


I figured as such. Just breakin chops.

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I actually test drove CX-9 in 2018 before signing Outback lease. Drive was crisp and interior was up-scale. However, i have wide shoulders and i honestly felt somewhat claustrophobic in CX-9 cabin. Subaru cabin was more roomy for me.

It is an inverse tardis


This is ultimately the problem with these threads: what leases well may not work for you, for any number of reasons.

What’s leasing well in this segment is a list so small it fits on a gum wrapper (why waste a post-it?)

As far as the merits of each 3-row suv:

This ancient recap I wrote 26 days ago (we were all so young and vibrant, during the salad days of May)

And so many others if you search.


Volvo XC90 is probably the best deal going on a 3rd row SUV. Check out @Benedetto current sheet for offers.

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How is buying any better right now? Whether you lease or buy, you’re not getting almost any discount off MSRP. So isn’t it six of one, half dozen of the other?

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I ended up in the CX9 touring premium package at end of May in New York 36/12k for $435 a month with $0 down. Paid extra for wear and tear and gap bringing total to $466 a month. No free lunch, but loving the car.


but loving the car

The most important statement! At the end of the day, you are going to be driving whatever car you will be leasing .


With buying you don’t have to pay the $600-$1100 acquisition fee and can find financing rates under 2%, which is less than half of some of the MFs being proposed today. But depending on the state you also could pay more in sales tax, so you really have to run the numbers for the specific situation at hand.

Great point, and it depends on your view. I’m biased toward leasing, but unless I was buying a Japanese minivan I intended to drive into the ground, I’d rather rent half of this current markup, not buy all of it.

If I used to get 10% off MSRP and I’m getting 0, buying means I take on all the risk of all the markup. If I lease, yes my payment is more, but I only pay the depreciation and rent on that markup (and my exposure is limited to the sum of all payments, assuming I return it in the agreed condition).

Buying may/not be cheaper than leasing, and buying right now is more expensive because discounts are non-existent and incentives are light (because inventory is low).


that is true and even with captains chairs you can’t easily access 3rd row.

Then the answer is Kia Carnival lol.


There are some purchase scenarios that haven’t increased in price, such as Kia Tellurides which AFAIK can still be ordered at the same pricing as before the current crisis: MSRP, no dealer markup or discount, OEM or third party incentives apply.

Generally speaking, buying and holding longer than a typical lease is also another option that mitigates some of the current surge, because dealer discount or lack thereof has an outsized impact on a 24-36 month term.


I got quotes from 4 online dealers. My current payoff = $22.7K [dealer payoff might be bit higher ]

Carvana offered: $27.9K
Vroom: $26.2K
AlGo: $26.5K
Shift: $28.3K

Carvana and Vroom said they won’t take in lease within 60 days of maturity. So,i ended up calling Chase Auto Financing to extend my current lease for 6 months at same monthly payment. Only downside, all of my manufacturer warranties will expire in 10 days. I will keep you guys posted.

Thanks for all the feedback.

I got a chrysler pacifica hybrid limited for 500$ month… 0 down it was the last one i could find… minivan is the way to go. Its our 4th lease.

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Try CarMax too. And tell AlGo the highest quote from their competitors. They were happy to beat it after a video chat walkthrough of the car.

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Several Jeep 4xE owners are also Pacifica hybrid owners across the Wrangler fora, and was what got them interested in the Jeep offering. They all seem pleased with their Pacifica’s, especially the mileage.

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Damn thing is a living room on wheels.


Can you extend for 6 months?

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