UPDATE LAST DAY OCT '18 Infiniti Q50 3.0T Luxe Essential ($310+tax-VPP) or $345+tax DAS 1st Month - FLORIDA

Deal is for 2018 Q50 3.0T Luxe with Essential package RWD on a 39 month 10k miles lease. These numbers are good up to a $43k vehicle and there are other units available which have higher MSRP and can be adjusted.

VPP is $1500 on the Q50. Loyalty is $1000, but that is client specific and will need to be checked by dealer or you can call in IFS.

If VPP is applied, payment is $310.

Brokerage fees applies.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 Infiniti Q50 3.0T Luxe. RWD
MSRP: $ up to 43k
Monthly Payment: $ $345+tax
Drive-Off Amount: $ $345+tax
**Annual Mileage:**10k
Available Incentives: VPP and Loyalty can be added, read main post
Region: FL
Leasehackr Score:
Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator:Last Day OCT Calc


that is nice deal , do u know how much i get with nissan loyalty and vpp?

I can ask for you tomorrow. I think VPP is $1500 but i will need to confirm and I don’t think Loyalty from Nissan is applicable but I can still ask.

Hey can i apply Infiniti loyalty and VPP on top of this? VPP is $1500, how much is loyalty?

lol you just got one a QX ! no more cars for you :stuck_out_tongue:
J/K I believe its $500. I will have to confirm and also ask if stack able.

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that is an excellent deal; hard to find FWD models up north

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did u just edit lol ? base msrp before dest. for FWD is $39k

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i jumped the shark; all we have up here is AWD models and they start at 41945; i believe the FWD model are 2000 less

yes :slight_smile: they are sir.

i wish some of the fine people over at edmunds paying 350+ for the new Accord (mid-range) could find these deals.


Well they pay in the $500s for these … but hey, we wont get these deals on LH then right ? So we should always thank those fine people :smiley:

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they are rwd not fwd. good deal mani!

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sikes yes Sir ! Thanks bud

tnx , i test drive qx30 few weeks ago and was told because of my nissan i get the loyalty +pull ahead . but their deal was terrible and i did not ask for break down.

Any idea on how long or how many units this will last for? I may be interested but need to go test drive one before anything else.

This is till end of month and units within that price range. For any units higher the price will be adjusted.

Loyalty is $1000 and is not for everyone and has to be checked from corporate. And yes you van apply VPP.

Loyalty from Nissan is called Cross brand loyalty but is very rare and has to be checked from corporate. This is what I have been told.

VPP and Loyalty (if eligible) are stackable
Infiniti loyalty for Q50 is $1000
Cross brand Nissan is $500

So between loyalty and VPP i can get another $2500 on top? $2500/39 mo is $64 less per month so $265 plus tax or $284/month sith Miami Dade 7% tax?