Sold one to

2017 Jetta GLI
Lease ends Nov 2020
$16,518 payoff amount
2 more payments
41,683 miles
36k miles on original lease

Carmax $14,350
KBB $14,447
Vroom $15,340
Shift $15,600

All of the appraisals were done online. I’m hoping when they physically see the car it’s close to what was stated online.

I’m trying to minimize driving it. Do I even bother going to the VW dealership?

Make sure if you’re selling to a dealer or company that the payoff is the one for them not for you

Regarding the excerpt pasted at the bottom of this post (which may also apply to Carvana and Vroom, I just happen to be considering an offer from Shift)…

What kind of legal instrument do you receive that guarantees payment when they leave with your car, title, plates (CA) and keys? A promissory note?

Get paid

By the end of the pickup appointment, we’ll set up an ACH transfer of funds to your bank account. Depending on your bank, the transfer will be complete within 1 to 7 business days.

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I’m bumping my own question because 1) no one answered, and 2) My Shift offer expired last week, but they just sent me an unsolicited higher offer.

Nothing really? It’s all done through a tablet, and you provide them your bank account info. They told me the payment clears in 3 days once they assess the car for structural and frame damage. I haven’t heard of anyone getting their car returned to them. We waited for the payment to clear, which was about one business day, before we launched back into the lease search.

A promissory note could be e-signed.

There must be some language in the (electronic) documentation that says they’ll pay you the agreed upon price for your car, and it would hopefully also specify how and when.

For AutolendersGo and Carvana there is a fully executed purchase agreement that in theory guarantees payment and terms.

There’s a contract that’s signed that does include price. They give you a copy of that.

After receiving another offer from Shift, I made an appointment for later this week.

There may be other ways to navigate their site and reach the same destination, but at the end of the appointment-setting process there is a link to a sample purchase agreement, which includes the “promise to pay” language I expected to find:

Following the Inspection and Conditional Sale Period, if Shift does not exercise the Cancellation Right, Shift shall purchase the Vehicle from Owner, free and clear of all liens, by paying to Owner the Final Payment amount listed in the Key Information Table, less the Loan Payoff Amount and any amounts due and owing from Owner to Shift pursuant to the terms and conditions of this agreement (the “Purchase”).

Here is a link to the sample purchase agreement:

anyone ever had luck getting to match or beat vroom?

Shift, Vroom and Carvana all use their own systems to calculate values. I called Shift to see if they’d match a dealer offer that was 1k over theirs, and they politely told me to pound sand.

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yeah they told me to pound sand too

FYI guys, trying to sell my 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, MSRP $73,000, 22k miles, excellent condition, payoff $41,450.

Shift: Too expensive, over $50k, no offer given
Carvana - $46,376
Vroom - $48,588
Rodo - $48,000
Auto Lenders GO - $41,300 (LOL)
KBB - $48,181
TrueCar - $52,725

Earlier this week I scheduled an appointment at our home with Shift for 6-8 a.m. this morning, and then changed my mind (long story).

Their web site wouldn’t let me cancel the reservation.

Two days ago they texted me an appointment confirmation request, with the options of replying with 1 to confirm, 2 to change, or 3 to cancel the appointment.

Over 48 hours I replied back with “3” three separate times and got no response whatsoever.

I also replied to the emailed appointment confirmation and requested cancelation 2 days ago and got no answer.

So yesterday I went to their web site and found a customer service email address, and sent the request to cancel the appointment that way.

So far, no response to five appointment cancelation attempts over 2-3 days.

Let’s see if they show up anyway in the next ~90 minutes.

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Trism, any update it’s been 120 :slight_smile:

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They either got the message(s) or I was stood up. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just sold one to Shift!!! filled out and got my price on sunday 9am. schedule an appointment at 6pm. They called and ask if they could come early at 5pm. Completed the deal by 6pm. Super easy and much more responsive then Carvana and Vroom. They also offer me the most for my truck. 2017 ford f150 XL with STX package.


Shift came and ding me on a couple of scratches… car got keyed. but got the 200 dollar bonus. so sold it for 29,075. Consider i bought the truck new in 2017 for 31,500. Super happy and easy.

on the downside… I think we are about to get hit hard with inflation… if used car price are going up, that is a sign of what is to come…

Had a lease payout of $29,696 for my wife’s 2019 Lexus RX 350 that we’d had for ~23 months.

Dealership $32,500
Vroom $33,400
Carmax $35,200
Carvana $37,600 (climbed $2k in the last 2 weeks)
Shift $38,100

Shift got me on the phone with Lexus/Toyota financial for a 5 minute phone call to release lease payout on Thursday. Arrived in the 2 hour window this morning and the whole process took about 20 minutes. They dinged me $275 for a scrape on the side, and gave me the $200 bonus for signing on the spot so total payout was $8,329! The deal sweetener was the tires and registration that were due in the next couple months that were going to cost ~$1,400 together.

We picked up the 2021 RX 450H as the replacement a few days ago, I couldn’t be happier:


Well done!