Sold one to

How long before you got paid by Shift?

The email to release payment came a few minutes after they did the deal with me, and they said I should expect the payment to show up in my bank account in 3-5 days.

shift didn’t want my explorer sport with 20k miles. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If my math is correct, the $8,329 payout effectively reduced your monthly lease payment by $347!!! Congratulations on the amazing deal!

If you don’t mind sharing, what was the original MSRP and the monthly payment of the 2019 RX350? How many miles on the odometer?

You saw the link that he put to the original deal right?

Original MSRP was $47,024, we leased it at 10% off plus incentives so $40,441, put 22,8xx miles on it in 23 months, and shift now has it for sale at $40,950 plus $1,250 “shift service fee”.

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That link was to the new lease for a 2021 RX450h which replaced the 2019 RX350 he sold.

Wow! I think it is safe to say that, with the payout from Shift, your net monthly cost for the 2019 RX350 was less than $200. Or, look at it another way, the payout can almost pay for the new lease of the 2021 RX450h (which in itself is another great hack) for the next two years!

Hat off to you!

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Anybody know how many miles you can drive after locking in an estimate?

Shift is upping their game. My 2016 Audi Q5 3.0T is worth $25k to Shift. Carvana is offering $22,600.

I paid $25,900+TTL 2 years and 20k miles ago.

Shift-ed our Honda Civic 2017 EX-L for $18,450. Carvana estimated $17k, Vroom offered $13,300 =) Initial purchase price from dealership was $25k+title 45 months, 37k miles and some unpleasant damage to left rear door/quarter over concrete parking lot pylon ago (bodyshops quoted $2-3k to repair, Shift deducted $250).

Will gladly help a friend who has a referral link to get $100 amazon gift card (and get one for myself) if “a friend” provides me with their name and phone number (Shift support asks for these to confirm referral if link did not work)

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I’ll add my data point here as well.

I just sold my 2019 Subaru Outback 2.5i to Shift for $23,800 (including the $200 bonus if you sell during the first appointment).

This was almost exactly $2000 higher than the sale price on my lease contract in August 2019.

Carvana had the next highest offer at $23,250 while Vroom and Algo both offered a little over $21,000.

The original lease terms were 0 drive off and $238 per month including tax for 36m/15k.

I made 19 payments totaling $4522. My pay off was a little over $18,000, so Shift wrote me a check for $5714.

It’s pretty crazy that the used car market allowed me to not only drive an Outback for more than a year and a half for free, but I actually made about $1200.


Now they need name and email of referring shift customer for you to get the $100 amazon card, the links don’t work. if you need one PM me and I can share.

Did Lexus charge you sales tax? I’m in illinois and Lexus told me the buyout is the same to Carvana vroom etc.

Nope. According to Shift there’s a 10 day hiatus on sales tax if you can purchase/sell a vehicle within that time. So they paid the Lexus lease payoff and sent us a check for the difference, no sales tax levied.

I sold my loaner 2018 X1 (MSRP 44k) 1 week due to lease maturity date to Shift. They came, picked the car, paid me $200 for the same day pickup and $200 for offering higher than residuals.
Total offer: $28450 (including $200 same day pickup)
Buyout: $28050
They paid $400 immediately via email.
I skipped wear and tear and disposition fee which was estimated around $1400 for my car.
Everything was about 45 mins at my home.

Does Shift has do not purchase policy when lease maturity is within 60 days?
I just sold my car to Carvana, they have this policy. I had to extended my lease end for few more months. Not a big deal, but it took few extra phone calls and days to complete all the paper works.

They don’t. They did everything and they did not bother with the maturity date.

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Thanks to the folks who’ve posted their deals here. I tried using Shift in the past, but Carvana was higher. Today, Shift came in about $1,000 higher than Carvana. I have an appointment for Saturday. I was shocked that I’ll be getting $2k more than the residual on my leased 2018 Volt.

I sold my 2019 Acura TLX with 18K miles to Shift in Portland, OR. I had 5 months remaining on my lease and a payoff amount of $19,600. Carmax and Carvana offered around $22,500 but Shift offered $24,100 with a $200 bonus if I sign on the first appointment. My friends at Acura wanted to call it a wash when trying to leverage a new lease deal.

Appointment took less than 30 minutes and was pretty much hassle free. Definitely recommend!

Now I need help finding an SUV lease in the next few months.