Signed: 2021 Volvo XC60 T5 INSCP - $550mo - 57k MSRP - $0 DAS - Sign and Drive - PNW

TL;DR – Deals are not always as straightforward as they appear. In the end, average deal, not exceptional on an XC60 – however, due to the region and my trade, it was way harder than it looks. I’ve reported it since there’s not many data points on average deals, and specifically Volvo deals in the PNW.

I just want to thank everyone here again! I spent over a year chasing a Volvo deal in the Pacific Northwest. I ended up going with Audi again last December, and – like most people – the pandemic changed things for us. My wife and I decided to take advantage of the used car pricing and go down to one vehicle, refinance the house, add some cashflow and go for kid #2. We looked at the Q5, SQ5 and Tiguan. I started reaching out to dealers on the XC60 starting July of this year. We sold her car on Shift and traded mine in.
2016 Subrau Impreza - Sold One to Shift!

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 Volvo XC60 Inscription T5 AWD
MSRP: $57,410
Monthly Payment: $550
Drive-Off Amount: $0
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12,000
MF: .00055
Residual: 57%
Incentives: $4,250 ($1,500 Manufacturer Offer, $1,000 Conquest, $1,250 Costco, $500 PenFed) +$500 Post Sale Rebate – Allstate Bonus Drive
Region: PNW
Leasehackr Score: 9 years
Leasehackr Calculator Link: Calculator

2019 A5 Sportback P+
Was offered my Buyout Price at $38,888
Vroom- $36,234
Shift – $35,500 (had to call to get price)
Carmax - $36,000
Audi Dealer – $36,000 (offered $39,000 two months ago)
(KBB showed Trade-In Average at $41k~, Edmunds $39k~ and NADA $36k~)

I reached out to EVERY dealer in OR and WA, including dealers in Idaho, Nevada and Northern California. Last year the only Volvo dealer on the West Coast that was offering worthy deals was Volvo Culver City, which is a 15-hour drive for me. None of the dealers I contacted wanted to go over 5% off, and over half refused to offer buy-rate MF. I had a couple of dealers that were willing to pay over for the trade, but doubled the MF negating the savings.

The deal was originally setup to where they matched the $41k in KBB average trade in, raised the MF and applied 5% off. (again, NO ONE would go over 5%) The equity of the trade balance would make it a $550mo car, with $0 out of pocket. A different manager reworked the deal to where I got 6.8% off, buy-rate MF and the payoff wiped.

The deal was signed on 11/2 and they scheduled delivery to my driveway the following day.

We then learned (re-learned) that Audi Financial Services has a different buy-out for Dealers than it does its own customers. The dealer got a payoff quote $1,660 higher than my payoff. After pleading with AFS over the phone after an hour hold, I had to buy the car out myself and trade it in. Funny thing is I remember reading this post but completely forgot!
Audi Financial Buyout

This deal became extremely confusing, but thanks to this forum I understood exactly what was happening every step along the way.

Good luck to those trying to find a Volvo deal in the PNW.