Sold one to

First it said they don’t take 2019.

Now it says they don’t buy in my area.

yes, they pay off the loan and send you a check for the difference.

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I just sold my mother’s 2015 prius to Shift. It was done in three days.

Carvana: $7,700
Vroom: $6,000
Shift: $8,500 + $100 paperwork ready bonus + $100 Amazon gift card

No brainer. I got the payoff letter ready and they came the next day. Inspected thoroughly and did a test drive with the guy. They said they’ll ding me for wheel damage $50 x 3 and $50 for tire damage (a chunk of rubber came off). They ended up only dinging me for the tire damage.

I’m very, very satisfied. I sold one to Vroom last time but experience with SHIFT has been MUCH faster and easier.

Hi Hackrs,

Just sold one to!

The whole process was simple and quick. I shopped around for quotes and they were the highest by far. I set up the appointment and they came to inspect the car. After I accepted the offer, they initiated payment, and I got paid in 2 days.

Did they require title in hand or just pay the lessor?

I just tried carvana and shift. Former offered me $1800 more

Just sold a leased 2017 Prius to them. Was 14k miles over lease allowance. Shift was about $900 higher than Carvana and Vroom. Bit confusing as they first requested a buyout packet and then later only a payoff letter, but I think its something specific to how Toyota works. Concierge came down process took about 2 hours. Was $2100 better off than if I had turned the car back in to Toyota.

Shift has been offering the highest estimates for my 2018 MX-5, higher than Carvana or Vroom:

June 25, 2020: $20,200
July 10, 2020: $20,500
July 25, 2020: $22,200

Purchase quote from Chase is around $20K, so I’m tempted. But I don’t know what else I could get for about the same money that brings equal joy.

Get a quote end of month and see what options are opening up early August.

Nothing new… But a used Boxster is pretty damn fun :de:

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Sold one to Shift

2017 CX5 Grand Select

Shift : 20,400 (300 of this was for having registration + keys ready to go)
Carvana : 19,300
Vroom : 20,001

Offer received Thursday 07/30
Booked appointment for Saturday 08/01
Car was driven off after signing release of liability.

Payoff : 18,400
Final Offer : 20,250 (20,100 offer + 300 for having paperwork ready, -150 for one tire having sidewall damage)

Simple and painless.

I’ve heard of Carvana and other sites but never heard of Shift. Thanks for the information! Seems like there are a lot of competing companies nowadays

I had a shift buyer reach out to me from my Craigslist ad. Didn’t identify himself as a shift buyer until he started negotiating.

Sold a 2014 Kia Cadenza to Shift. Was very happy with their offer.

Carmax $10k
Carvana $10,075
Vroom $10,765
Local dealer (AutoNation) $11k
Shift $13,200

Shift did deduct $400 from the $13.2k appraisal for curb rash and paint scratches (I anticipated a deduction) but they provided a $300 bonus for selling to them at the appraisal appointment. Very smooth process; came to house and inspected car for about 20 minutes, test drove it around block for 5 mins and the final paperwork was finished in another 30 mins. All done within a hour.

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Sold my wife’s 2016 Impreza Sport Premium wagon yesterday to Shift.

Carmax: $9,000
Vroom: $13,875
Local Subaru Dealer: $13,000
Big Giant Used Special Local Subaru Lot: $13,000
Shift: $14,400

Originally, they quoted $15,200. However, they “adjusted” when they actually READ the Carfax. Those 4 wrecks scared a lot of people off. Carmax was horrified, lol. The car was super clean, freshly detailed and all curbrash was done prior to Shift’s arrival.

Process was very smooth and we got the full amount, no deductions. The guy did say if I sold it with the curb rash they deduct 65 per wheel, which is way less than what I paid for the mobile wheel repair.

We bought the car new in 2015 for $20,100. Solid it with 4 wrecks 57 months later for $14,400. No other maintenance was ever done to the car, not even tires or battery.

Total Monthly Rate: $100.00 (NOT BAD!!!)

Very easy, would use again!

Totally not bad. Did that incorporate tax paid on the initial purchase?

Just got a reallty good offer from Shift for my wife’s 2018 Accord. I’m might try and see if another auto buyer might beat it, but I doubt it.

That’s was domestic abuse :slight_smile:

No sales tax in Oregon! (Last year they started charging 0.5% on cars). Total fees for title, etc, was around 500 dollars if I recall. That’s all we paid at signing.

What’s the offer & details about the car?