2021 Lexus RX 450H 36/10 @ 13% off Pre-incentive - $351 + tax + $2,554 DAS, no MSDs MSRP $54,570

Thank you! Yep, Atomic Silver and if you’re referring to the “door edge film by 3M” it’s a (probably unnecessary) $90 add on that appeared on our 2019 and 2021 RX.


I don’t think it comes with the car (dealer installed accessories?) I had it installed in my old RX and it prevented a few door dings over the years.

Nice job OP and thanks for your detailed write up!

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Yes, it is dealer-installed. It’s on this car you can see it in the picture. Nice freebie if you like the look.


The 3m film clear film that runs vertiically on the lip of each door, but I think both posters are referring to the linear horizontal molding on both front and rear passenger doors.

The 14-19 GX had a similar piece that bolted to the door to act as a door ding guard, but that was removed in MY20.

Its probably a dealer installed accessory listed in the window sticker, or maybe as an additional dealer insert in your paperwork if anything.


This is an amazing deal! Congrats!

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Update: Shift.com came through today on the lease buyout for $8,329 in our pockets for our outgoing 2019 RX 350. Happy as a clam.


The used car market is bananas. You pocketed over $8,300 and got a great deal on a 2021 RX

Great job !

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Congrats! That’s the Leasehackr method summarized in a nutshell. Create a target lease deal that’s aggressive but within the realm of possibility (i.e., informed by actual program numbers), ask internet sales managers nicely with the promise that if they can do the deal, I’ll come in right away to take delivery and make it super easy and nice for all involved.


Congrats on a good deal.
BTW does Toyota count towards Lexus loyalty and vice versa?

Congrats on the purchase! I used to work at that dealership pre-COVID. Great people to work with!


BRAVO on a Double Dipper! Where did you go on Lexus FS website to find Resis and MF?

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RV, MF, incentives, loyalty can all be found on this or most any car by googling: rv mf [car make model] edmunds.com. If you don’t see the info for your exact spec/zip, ask.

We leased a new RX 350 last Tue night in SoCal. My hubby had two dealerships going agaist each other. This was our end result.

RX 350 Lux Package MSRP $54,490
Selling Price $44,500
Drive-off Amount: $1500
Discount: 13.85%
Monthly Payment: $330 including tax
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10
MF: .0004
Residual: 57%
Incentives: $2500 lease cash, $1500 new lease
Region: SoCal
Credit: Tier 1 Excellent credit


Can you clarify the selling price is before incentives?

That is ridiculously cheap! Congrats!

did you make a typo? should that be $430?

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Wow. Very nice deal. It seems like California is the place for Toyota and Lexus deals. In NJ you couldn’t do a $30k RAV4 for these numbers.

Did they cover your first month payment? Lexus was doing that last month.

Looking at the breakdown for the incentives. Based on Edmunds, there’s only $1,500 in lease incentives. What is the other $2,500?

There were loyalty last month.