Signed 2019 G70 3.3T ELITE RWD (TX) - $375 per month, DAS $375, 12K miles including taxes

Signed below deal on G70 3.3T RWD ELITE in Dallas,Texas. I had leased one just six months back. Sold that to Carvana for small profit and leased new one as numbers were slightly better.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 G70 3.3T RWD ELITE, Siberian Ice / Black
MSRP: $ 46,690
Monthly Payment: $375
Drive-Off Amount: $375 includes first month payment
Annual Mileage:12K
Residual: $21,477
Incentives: $7000 ($5500 lease cash, $1000 loyalty, $500 Flex)

Leasehackr Score: 10.5 years

Leasehackr Calculator


What was the discount? Was it just the incentives?

Also, post a calculator link.

Sweet deal on a sweet ride. I’m still trying to hack the g70.

posted the calculator link… MF and tax calculations my be bit off

They all look way off lol. Can you please get the actual numbers from the contract?

not sure what looks way off. anyways I posted the actual contract numbers as well.

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looks pretty good. I’m working on similar right now with my local dealers…not sure i will get that kind of deal though.

@toolatejake what kind of numbers are you getting?

First offer isn’t good but I’ll see what I can do. I’ve just began last week. Dealers were ignoring me til this AM…wonder why lol

edit: didn’t answer the question - first offer is $0 down / $621 per month for a G70 3.3T Prestige. haven’t seen lease worksheet yet but per edmunds its .00027 MF for 12k/36m and 46% RV. (their numbers are certainly higher)

I’m in Dfw what dealer? Ty!!

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Hey Amit, Congrats on great buy… Will your dealer ship ?

Is there any dealer cash available in TX? Last time I checked (months ago) there was.
So for the last lease, you basically bought it out after months and sold to Carvana? Were you asked to pay additional taxes since the lease was done based on tax credit?
That’s very interesting and great for you!

Edit: Edmunds says $2500 dealer cash for 2.0T, looks like they are so eager to get rid of those.
BTW what’s the $500 flex?

Phenomenal deal on a 3.3. I’m still trying to land a 2.0 for under $300. Yesterday I had a dealer quote me $719/month for a base 2.0T. I put it into the calculator just to see and to get to $719 you had to have no discount and no rebates. I guess they were gonna keep the $6k rebate for themselves.

Nice job! That lease cash helps a TON to combat the terrible residual. Nice to see these cars become hackable again since it’s been several years since we got our deals on MY16s. It was merely a matter of time :slight_smile:

I’ve had 3 separate local dealers in the last two days straight up lie to me about rebates then ghost me when I asked them to correct it. Must be a Genesis thing. I don’t get it.

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it’s probably because they’re all Hyundai salespeople and don’t know anything about Genesis since they hardly sell any. It was that way years ago when I got mine.

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New buildings, same old antics I guess.

I really hope Hyundai learns that the Elantra and G90 are two separate markets entirely.

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arguably after the same thing, though – cheap value, ‘affordable luxury’

Yes. There was no additional tax. Carvana/Vroom both offered $1.2K more than buyout.

My last lease was base 3.3T with 10K miles. New lease is 12K miles with elite package and lower residual than previous lease for slightly cheaper monthly so figured why not. I was sweating few days as I leased new one first and was awaiting dealer buyout quote from Genesis which took almost 4-5 days. In the end everything worked out smooth.

So I’ve gotten one down to $7500 off list + 5750 lease cash. Not quite as good of a deal as here due to 5k increase is msrp vs this example. MF .00027 on a '19 3.3T prestige. Should I take it?

Ps these these RVs are so bad

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