Shipping companies?

Anyone have experience with having a newly leased car shipped to you? What company did you use and about how much did you pay?

Best advice I can give is to look for a company that has been around for a while with insurance. A lot of the cheap shipping companies are one or two guys that buy a truck and trailer without any experience and go under after 6 months. So if your car gets damaged, good luck getting them to fix it.

Also you will be paying more if you are shipping from more remote areas. But I would expect to pay around $1/mile for open transportation with enclosed being 50% more expensive.

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Auto transport (like house moving) industry is highly variable…most sites you come across are brokers, with few actual transporters themselves

I ended up using All American Trucking a few months ago for enclosed transport (they’re a broker, but came recommended from Golden Key Transport which seems to be a reputable Transport company)

All American has good reviews; the actual transport was nice a brought my car without any issues

I reached out to him directly few days ago for another job and he said his rate is $1/mile , enclosed


I am looking to lease a car in the NY area and would like to have it delivered to AL. Anyone have any recommendations/suggestions, please?

I apologize in advance if I posted in the wrong area.

I have heard good things about You basically create an id and enter a listing where various companies can submit proposals to you. You can also screen ratings of the shipping companies that reach out to you and decide based on their record and not just the price.


as mentioned above, I used All American Trucking ( ? based out of CA)

I used them a few months ago and am using them again later this week


This is exactly right!
Most are just brokers who shop it to truck drivers on a dispatch system. The broker get the bids from the drivers then adds his broker fee on top.
I personally only deal with transport brokers that charge a flat upfront like $100 and then the rest goes to the trucker. It saves hundreds of dollars that way.

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Intercity lines is great!

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Which site do you use?

Ready Auto Transport has always done well for us


I always use and recommend Fisher Shipping out of MA

They’re terrific people. Ask for Stacie

I wouldn’t trust the majority of carriers out there.


Talked to Stacie, recommended.


Awesome! She is the best.

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I second Stacie as well. She had my 7series shipped to my door 2 days after the contract was signed from about 650 miles away. She has also helped several of my clients ship their pickups


I just Had my BMW E30 325 shipped from Destin Florida to SoCal, open trailer and insured. Cost me $825. First guy wanted 1180 and wouldn’t budge (with all the business my friend gives him):-1:t2:. It was delayed couple of days because of unforeseen mechanical breakdown on the truck. But, wasn’t in a hurry. In the end, I got my car without a scratch.

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That’s very cheap, hard to get coast to coast shipping for under $1000

What company did you use? That’s a great price!

Mechanics breakdown in the industry is code for you didn’t pay enough so they have to wait longer to find somebody who will do it for that price. Most everything gets put up on central dispatch and farmed out to drivers.

Sent you a PM. Where are you located? Can you get deals in SoCal?

Nah, this guy is legit. His truck overheated. The driver sent me photos and updates of every delay that took place.
I actually referred my coworker to the same company. She Had the company transport her car from MN to SoCal and got here on time.